5 steps to how a young girl turns into an aunt

Why do some women collect compliments before old age, while others turn into real “aunts” by the age of 25? Let’s take a look at five simple steps that are enough to take to transform from a seductive girl into a heroine of urban folklore!

How women turn into aunts

Step 1. Saving on yourself

Don’t pay too much attention to clothes and cosmetics. In our time, you need to save. Why choose cute boots if your old boots still haven’t lost their shape, although they are a little frayed? And the pellets on clothes are almost invisible, especially if you don’t look closely. Yes, and inexpensive mascara will do, even if it leaves lumps on the eyelashes and turns them into “spider legs”.

Step 2. Move less

A real aunt never goes into fitness and does not even walk, preferring to take a minibus even a couple of stops from home to the metro. Let them say that movement is life. After all, there is another saying that says: laziness is the engine of progress.

Step 3. Lack of development

The aunt reads little, and if she buys a book, then this is a ladies’ detective story or a love story. After all, too smart women only repel. And you can talk with your friends about the latest talk show dedicated to the next scandal in the celebrity’s family.

Conversation with a friend

Step 4. “I’m too old”

The aunt is well aware of how important her age is. The older she is, the less she feels like a woman. After all, after 30 years, you should no longer count on attention from men. And smartening up at such an advanced age is simply ridiculous.

We must realize that the old age is short, and do not deceive ourselves by looking at photos of stars that look good at 40, 50, and even 60 years old. After all, the best plastic surgeons are at their service. Ordinary mortals should not rely on attractiveness after overcoming a certain age limit.

Step 5. Extinct look

My aunt is concerned only with domestic issues. She does not intend to develop, get a new education, look for a job that suits her more than the old one. Peace of mind is better than minimal risk, even if the chances of improving your quality of life are great. And dreams of moving to another city or getting an art education must be forgotten forever.

When a woman turns into an aunt

Is it good to be an aunt? Many are satisfied with this status. It bears certainty, does not oblige to “keep the brand”, is as cozy as comfortable trampled slippers … But is it worth choosing peace and lack of prospects if life is given only once? The question is, perhaps, rhetorical.

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