How to choose tights for pregnant women – size chart, tips for choosing

Today the market offers us many types of women’s tights, among which, of course, there are special ones – tights for pregnant women. The expectant mother needs this piece of clothing during the cold season to feel the comfort and warm coziness in her favorite clothes. Compression tights for pregnant women are very necessary for a pregnant woman for preventive and therapeutic purposes.

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How to choose maternity tights correctly?

Maternity tights - how to choose

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Compression anti-varicose tights for pregnant women

During pregnancy the likelihood of occurrence or exacerbation of varicose veins increasesespecially if you are expecting a second or third baby.

Special tights for pregnant women, compression, differ from ordinary ones in a special elastic expansion for a growing tummy and a soft wide belt.

Elastic compression method compresses superficial veins, reduces congestion and accelerates the overall blood flow several times… The anti-varicose pantyhose for pregnant women provides additional support for the veins and correctly distributes pressure. In this way, prevents varicose veins or poor venous return from the legs, and the expectant mother only feels lightness.

Whether or not to use such tights during pregnancy is up to you and your doctor, but there is an opinion that they are necessary for prevention even to those women who are not prone to venous diseases. After all, hormonal changes temporarily reduce the elasticity of the venous walls and increase venous pressure – and this is the main prerequisites for the emergence of spider veins.

Maternity tights - how to choose

How to choose the right elastic tights for expectant mothers?

  • See a phlebologist for a consultationso that he decides which maternity tights you should use – regular, therapeutic or prophylactic.
  • When prescribing medical tights, it is necessary take into account your individual measurements… This is the only way to ensure the effectiveness of anti-varicose therapy.
  • Choose natural materials when buying elastic tights for pregnant women – for example, jersey with double braiding with cotton or rubber.
  • Any compression stockings, knee-highs or tights must not have seams
  • Good compression tights for pregnant women have standard sign – RAL, which guarantees the efficiency and safety of the material.
  • The price of the tights depends on the manufacturer. Average price range for quality models – from 500 to 800 rubles
  • For comfortable use, it is better to have 2 pairs of tights – one for a change.

Where to buy maternity tights? These tights can be purchased in maternity stores, large pharmacies or online stores.

Maternity Tights Size Chart

When choosing compression tights for pregnant women, one must take into account the fact that they do not stretch, and therefore they should be sized exactly as you measure.

Usually maternity tights are measured in the international sizing system according to the principle S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL… They correspond to the measurements in cm indicated below.

Maternity tights - how to choose
Maternity tights - how to choose

And what secrets of choosing tights for pregnant women do you know? Your opinion is very important for us!

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