5 Things to Keep In Mind When Moving to a New Country

If you come to uncover everything you need to know about moving countries, you have come to the right place!

It’s no surprise that you’re planning on moving overseas. You can start an exciting chapter in your life and experience new foods, cultures, and ways of life. That’s why around 281 million people migrate annually.

There’s no doubt that moving to a new country can be a dream come through. However, there are several factors you must consider before you buy your plane ticket.

So keep reading to find out if moving abroad is the right choice for you and your family.

1. Your Important Documents

There’s no way around it. You can’t live, work or study abroad if you don’t have the correct documents. They’re necessary items for international moving.

A valid passport is needed to leave the country, nevermind to enter a new one. You might need to renew yours if it expires six months before your return date.

Every country has different visa entry rules. Therefore you must pay close attention when applying. Always use the official government site to ensure all the required documents are up to date.

2. Your Budget

Struggling to pay bills and buy food is stressful when living in your home nation with family nearby. But feeling the pinch when living in new land hundreds of miles from close friends and family is much worse.

The cost of living could be cheaper or more experienced when you move abroad. Examine the price of groceries, utilities, nightlife, transport, and any other expenses you need to factor in. Websites such as Numbeo or Expatistan are accurate and free to use.

You should add 10-15% to your monthly budget for unexpected expenses.

3. Housing Abroad

Buying your plane ticket and researching your new hometown is the fun part. Finding housing abroad is a serious issue you must sort out in advance. There’s only so much time you can stay in a hotel searching for a place to call home.

A great way to find properties abroad is by using expat forums on social media pages. People living there will recommend websites to use and give an insight into their experience while moving.

Below are some platforms to start searching for short-term contracts.

  • Airbnb
  • Housing Anywhere
  • Uniplaces
  • Study Abroad Apartments

4. Your Personal Belongings

No matter how long or short a vacation is, you always pack out every square inch of space in your bag. Thus, there is no chance you will fit all your belongings into your luggage when moving to a new country.

It’s not easy moving to a country at the beginning. So having your belongings alongside you will help you feel relaxed. If you want to start settling in from day one, you need your space to feel like your home.

If you are moving to France or Europe, you can discover more about the removal service. In return, you don’t have to sell your items before you leave.

5. The Language Barrier

The language barrier can be an issue whether you’re making new friends or filling out forms to see a doctor.

Duolingo is a free app where you can learn almost any language and make your life easier. If you’re uncomfortable chatting with the locals before you arrive, don’t worry. Living in the country is the best way to learn a language, but you should know the basics.

Around 212 million people in Europe speak English. So check the proficiency rate before you arrive.

Consider Moving to a New Country Today

Moving to a new country might be daunting at first. But remember that you are not the first and certainly won’t be the last to follow in your footsteps.

It’s a fantastic opportunity that many could only dream of. If you’re lucky enough to start an unforgettable chapter in your life, plan your move abroad today!

To discover more lifestyle tips for your new home, continue reading our in-depth blog!

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