5 Tips for Cooking the Best Summer BBQ Meats

Barbecuing is a popular trend this summer. From marinated meats to vegetables cooked to perfection on the grill, barbecuing captures the spirit of summer.

Over grilling, however, can leave you with dry, tough meats. Wasting delicious meats and marinades prepared from scratch is disappointing.

You can prevent this from happening by learning how to cook the best summer BBQ meats. Using our tips and tricks, you can enjoy your BBQ all summer.

1. Choose the Right Cut

Always go for prime, grass-fed beef, pork, or poultry cuts. This will be the most flavorful and enjoyable to eat.

Consider the right amount of meat for grilling. For beef steaks, look for ribeye, NY strip, or tenderloin, depending on your budget and preference. For pork, chops, loin, belly, and ribs work best.

Think about the thickness of each cut. You can buy whole pork belly online for your BBQ cravings.

2. Season Generously

Seasoning your summer BBQ meats is critical to getting the most flavor. When selecting your seasonings, remember that you’ll want to blend bold flavors that will help bring out the best of your summer meats.

Start with a base of good quality sea salts, such as sea salt flakes and black pepper, but customize it to your taste preferences. Then, depending on the type of meat and your flavor preferences, add a range of other herbs and spices, such as smoked paprika, ground cumin, garlic powder, mustard powder, and oregano.

Lastly, remember that seasoning should be adjusted to account for different cooking times — be sure to season lightly at the beginning and then adjust the seasoning if needed after the meat has cooked.

3. Use the Right Cooking Method

Depending on the cut of meat, different cooking methods may be required. For example, slow cooking is ideal for larger cuts of meat like brisket or pork shoulder. BBQ grilling is better for smaller cuts like chicken or steak.

4. Don’t Overcook

Most grills tend to cook meat at high heat, so you need to be careful not to dry them out. For best results, cook your meat over low-medium heat and keep an eye on it. Flip the meat after a few minutes and monitor the internal temperature for even cooking.

Marinades are an excellent way to keep the flavor and moisture of your heart. Marinades are especially beneficial to less expensive cuts of meats, like chicken and pork.

5. Let it Rest

Once your meat is cooked, rest for a few minutes before slicing or serving. This will allow the juices to be redistributed, making for a more tender and flavorful finished product.

Here Are Five Tips for Cooking the Best Summer BBQ Meats

Following the tips outlined in this article will make your summer BBQ a tasty and crowd-pleasing success! Remember to marinate your meat, pay attention to grilling time, and experiment with delicious seasonings.

You will indeed have the perfect BBQ meal with your friends and family.

So fire up the grill and enjoy the best summer BBQ meats!

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