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Steve Arhancet Net Worth – How Much Is Liquid112 Worth?

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Steve Arhancet is an American eSports player and co-owner of Team Liquid. Known by his gamer tag “LiQuiD112”, Steve has become widely respected within the League of Legends community due to his expertise with Team Liquid eSports team and its success, and as an individual. Due to this famed success story he has made headlines such as Forbes, Business Insider, US News and Venture Beat for his accomplishments in League of Legends as well as being featured by various media outlets such as Forbes Business Insider Business Insider US News and Venture Beat among many more.

LiQuiD112 was born July 11 in California and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Finance & Management from James Madison University. Following this he worked as a wealth management advisor. However, after 12 years working within financial services industry he decided to make a change and pursue his passion of eSports; eventually becoming owner of multiple professional gaming teams.

At one point during the early 2000s, he was competing as a professional StarCraft II player in South Korea; however, after realizing he wasn’t making enough money, he moved to the Netherlands and founded Team Liquid website while continuing playing eSports recreationally.

Goossens has amassed an immense fortune through his career in competitive video game tournaments, garnering about $1.5 billion in revenues last year alone. Now he owns over 70 professional gaming teams competing in tournaments for various games from “Dota 2” to “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” and EA Sports’ FIFA franchise.

Liquid has expanded its investment portfolio by diversifying into gaming hardware companies like Alienware and HyperX as well as creating Liquid Live, a streaming platform designed specifically for gamers which enables fans worldwide to watch eSports matches livestreamed around the clock – more than 10 million viewers tuning in each month!

Recently, the company introduced competitive “Fortnite” teams. Due to its immense popularity, Fortnite has amassed an enormous prize pool; players regularly win hundreds of thousands of dollars in weekly events.

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