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Too faced paletteRecently, a new brand has come to Russia – Too Faced, presented in Sephora and Ile de Beaute stores. In Europe, the USA and Asian countries, it has been on sale for much longer, but now the residents of our country can also try their means on themselves.

Today I will talk about the palettes of eyeshadow presented by this manufacturer, since most of them have an interesting design, good characteristics and include unusual shades.

What do I value the most?

  • Firstly, this is pigmentation: the shadows should be well transferred to the brush, and from it to the skin.
  • Secondly, it is the presence of all the necessary shades: they should be enough, both in order to do everyday makeup, and to create festive images.
  • Eyeshadow is a durable product, and, accordingly, when buying an expensive palette, I want it to be as versatile as possible. And the Too Faced palettes presented below meet these requirements perfectly.


This palette contains 16 shades. It features a chocolate bar design. It may seem that there are many shades of brown among the colors, but each of them looks different on the eyes.


The perfect palette for everyday make-up and for classic evening make-up. It will suit girls with any shade of skin, eyes and hair. This is probably the most versatile palette in this brand.

Nice bonus: the composition of the shadows includes cocoa powder, and it is he who gives them the aroma of chocolate.

Of course, you can see that bright colors are almost completely absent among the shades. However, for lovers of classic make-up, the “chocolate” is simply irreplaceable.

Price: 3600 rubles


The palette with no less interesting design than the previous one also contains 16 shades. They are also quite versatile and suitable for both daytime and evening makeup. Plus, they smell like chocolate too.


However, most of the shades presented in this palette are more suitable girls of “cold” color type: brunettes with a contrasting appearance, owners of light brown hair with ashy undertones or cold blondes with fair skin.

Top shade in a wide refile, you can safely use it as a highlighter.

The big plus of these eyeshadows is that they have a price much lower than all other palettes of this brand. Their cost is only 2000 rubles, which is inexpensive enough for such a significant number of shades.


18 beautiful shades, most of which are warm and very delicate, peach scent and cute designs are perhaps the best description for these eyeshadows.

She is suitable for lovers natural makeup, who rarely make themselves an evening make-up.


Many of the shades can be applied on the eyelids “one by one”, while everything will look harmonious, since they are smoothly embedded in the skin and will not be a “stain”. Light brown satin shades applied in this way will look especially beautiful.

by the way, the composition contains natural peach extract: it is he who gives the eyeshadow the scent.

Palette cost about 3500 rubles

Palette THEN & NOW

A palette released for the 20th anniversary of the brand, which took place in 2018. This was the design of the first Too Faced eyeshadow set, released in 1998. The creators tried to recreate the shades of those times as accurately as possible, however, they updated the texture of the shadows, making them more pigmented and durable.


It contains a significant amount of shining shades, however, there are also basic ones, with the help of which you can make a natural make-up.

Overall, ideal for creating varied and bright evening looksbecause the sparkles in the shadows are quite large.

Cost: 3300 rubles.


New palette of the brand, which includes 16 unusual shades. Among them there are matte shades, but most contain shimmer.


The colors of the shining eyeshadows are really non-standard, so they will allow you to do the most creative make-up… In addition to their use as an accent in evening make-up, they are also suitable for complementing a daytime look.

Shadows have an interesting, very soft texture, which is extremely important for glitter eyeshadows. They are tightly and efficiently transferred to the skin of the eyelids, which makes them very convenient to use.

Cost: 3600 rubles.

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