6 best luxury foundations – rated by women

Best Tonal SuiteOf course, there are plenty of good budgetary foundations out there. However, sometimes you really want to pamper yourself with more expensive means. And someone is completely used to them. Moreover, the composition and properties of most of them are still better than those of inexpensive creams. And in this case, it is even more offensive to spend an impressive amount on a low-quality product.

Therefore, I bring you a list of the best luxury foundations.

Estee lauder double wear light

Unlike the classic foundation of this brand, its Light version is more suitable for everyday use. The fact is that it creates a less dense coverage on the skin of the face, while perfectly covering unwanted pigmentation on the face.

The finish of the product is slightly damp, so the tone looks as natural as possible.

Estee lauder double wear light

Like any other products of the brand, this foundation has a wide range of shades, among which it is very easy to choose the right one. An important plus is the presence of this tonal shade, suitable even for the most fair-skinned girls.

Also, unlike the classic Double Wear, this version has a convenient dispenser that allows you to squeeze out the required amount of funds.

Double wear light is more convenient to apply with a damp sponge.

Cost of funds: 2000 rubles

Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift

I absolutely love using this foundation for lifting makeup. The tone really visually lifts the skin and slightly smoothes wrinkles, especially when using a leveling base of the same brand.

The tone moisturizes the skin quite well, but before applying it, you should still use a moisturizer and let it absorb. It works very well for dry skin. The tone has a wet finish, so I advise you to lightly powder your face after applying it.

Mac face and body

From my own experience I will sayIt is better to store this product in a dark, dry place so that the sun’s rays do not fall on it. Otherwise, it will oxidize and become darker by a couple of tones.

I do not recommend using it for those with oily skin. Although the cream will cover imperfections, in combination with the abundant secretion of sebum, it will quickly disappear from the skin of the face.

Price: 2500 rubles

Mac face and body

This foundation will not cover imperfections, it should be said about it right away. However, it can still perfectly even out the tone of the face, visually make the skin more youthful. It has a characteristic moisturizing finish that gives the skin a healthy appearance.

In my opinion, Face and Body is more suitable for owners of even skin.

Mac face and body

This is a great option for summer makeup, as the tone is really light and hardly felt on the skin.

In addition, it will look beautiful in photo shoots, even though it does not contain HD particles.

Price: 2800 rubles

Clinique CC cream

Clinique is a brand best known for its skincare products. However, her decorative cosmetics are also of very high quality. This CC cream was no exception.

It allows for an even, medium-density coverage on the skin: enough to hide imperfections without creating a mask effect.


Before using the product, the skin must be very thoroughly moisturized. In this case, it will lie on the skin as smoothly and beautifully as possible, it will not accentuate peeling.

CC cream helps to restore skin tone, and also helps to fight inflammation. In addition, the cream has a fairly high SPF factor for decorative cosmetics: 30.

Price: 2200 rubles

Clarins skin illusion

Highly pigmented foundation. Creates a fairly dense coverage on the skin, which at the same time looks quite natural. It is able to cover any pigmentation and visually make the skin texture smoother.

In addition, the product has good caring properties and a rich range of shades. The bottle is equipped with a convenient pipette-shaped dispenser that allows you to draw the required amount of tone. This ensures economical consumption.

Clarins skin illusion

Despite its rather matte finish, the tone gives the skin a beautiful and natural glow, and also effectively moisturizes it.

Price: 2700 rubles

Armani Luminous Silk

The tone creates a weightless, velvety finish on the skin.

It’s all about its unique composition, which includes special spherical particles. It is due to them that the coating turns out to be effective, since it perfectly evens out the texture of the skin, and at the same time remains quite invisible. The result is a natural, slightly radiant complexion with a pleasant velvety finish.

Armani Luminous Silk

The tone is applied very easily because it literally adjusts to the skin.

Price: 4000 rubles

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