How to Draw a Feathered Eye Arrow – Makeup Artist Step by Step Tutorial

Feathered arrows are a makeup element that suits almost all girls. This makeup is suitable for all types of eyes, with any peculiarities – like age-related changes or sagging eyelids. There are many options for shaded arrows! I will share with you the easiest, in my opinion, way.

All girls dream of trying to draw arrows for their eyes at least once. This, of course, is primarily feminine and sensual. The shape of the arrows, their length, their color, shaded or with a classic tail!

Which one is right for me? What to do? Let’s figure it out!

How to make shaded arrows for the eyes?


Such arrows will look beautiful on any eyes, and especially on eyes with overhanging eyelids.

A drooping eyelid is when you do not see your movable eyelid (that is, a fixed drooping eyelid seems to cover your movable eyelid). The movable eyelid is the part of the eyelid that covers our eyeball. Deal with the centuries?)

To create a feathery arrow, you will need:

1. An arrowhead brush, usually a beveled brush with a dense artificial bristle.
2. The pencil is not resistant for building an arrow shape.
3. Long-lasting gel eyeliner, you can take a Maybiline or Inglot eyeliner to duplicate a pencil.
4. Shadows are black and an additional opening color in the arrow.
4. Brushes for shading and applying shadows.

This is the set you need.

Where can you do this makeup?

  1. It will look great on the bride as an option for wedding makeup. We can use more subtle shades here!
  2. As an evening make-up option. Here we can make the shaded arrow more intense and add lipstick like red – believe me, you will get a lot of looks!

What can a feathery arrow fix?

  • She can visually open her eyes;
  • Visually separate the overhanging eyelid by working out the fold.

I hope my advice will be useful to you!

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