7 best countries for childbirth abroad – reviews on prices and conditions

It’s no secret that the level of medical care in our country still leaves much to be desired. Old equipment and the lack of modern high-quality medicines in some maternity hospitals can cause serious problems during childbirth, both for a young mother and for a newborn. Therefore, quite often women want to give birth abroad.

And today we will tell you which country is the best choice for giving birth abroad.

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Childbirth abroad

What you need to know when choosing childbirth in another country?

  • For childbirth abroad you need start preparing from about the fourth month of pregnancysince you need to familiarize yourself in advance and decide in which country and clinic the baby will appear.
  • You need to decide services of which airline you are going to take advantage.
  • An important issue is knowledge of the language of that countrywhere are you going to go. After all, if you do not understand the national language, you will not be able to comply with the requirements and instructions of the doctor taking delivery.
  • Collect all the necessary documents – both for entering the country and those that are needed in the clinic.
  • Talk to your doctor in advance, find out the list of necessary things for childbirth and for the baby.
  • Do not forget that having a child in a foreign country does not give him the right to be a citizen of this country… The exceptions are: USA, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Colombia, Peru. And also Uruguay, Mexico, Jamaica, Barbados, Pakistan – in them, one fact of birth automatically gives the right to citizenship.
    Therefore, all documents for registration of a born baby will be filled out at the place of residence. But first, the child must be register at the Russian Consulate in the country where the birth took place. Otherwise, you and your child simply cannot leave the country.

Childbirth abroad

In which countries do Russians most often want to give birth?

  1. According to the data published by the international organization “Save the Children”, which is engaged in the protection of the rights of children around the world, then in the ranking of the best countries for childbirth in the first place is Finland… In it, the risk of mortality during pregnancy and childbirth is in the ratio: 1: 12200.
  2. The next place in the ranking is Sweden, and in third place – Norway
  3. Decent level of medical care in Israel, Germany, Latvia and Singapore
  4. The most popular among Russians are USA, Finland, France, Israel, Germany, UK
  5. Switzerland only people with a high level of income choose.

Childbirth abroad

Delivery prices and conditions in 7 popular countries

Childbirth abroad

  • Give birth in the USA
    Delivery price – 15 thousand dollarsif childbirth proceeds without complications. If you need to do a cesarean section or any difficulties arise, the cost will rise to $ 18,000.
  • Delivery in Germany
    The average cost of childbirth is 9-15 thousand dollars.
    Choosing which country to give birth to, Russian women, more often than not, opt for Germany. Firstly, it is easy to get here: you can take a plane or a bus, as well as a train or your own car. Secondly, medical care is at the highest level.
    The cost of childbirth depends on the clinic and the amount of medical care. Natural childbirth will cost 9 thousand dollars, and 15 thousand. dollars will “pour out” childbirth with a cesarean section and other complications.
  • France for childbirth of Russians
    The average cost of childbirth is 5-30 thousand dollars. The price depends on the level of the chosen clinic.
    In French clinics, a woman in labor is expected to give birth at a high medical level. Almost all women in labor are injected with an anesthetic. Much attention is paid to the postpartum period.
  • Give birth in Israel
    The cost of childbirth in Israel – 6-30 thousand dollars.
    High, European quality, medical care and the absence of a language barrier make Israel a rather popular country for giving birth to Russian women.
    Childbirth in a general hospital in Israel, depending on the complexity, will cost from 6 to 12 thousand dollars. And if you give birth in a specialized private center, the childbirth will cost about $ 30 thousand.
  • Delivery in the UK
    Delivery price – from 8 thousand dollars.
    Usually mothers expecting the appearance of twins or triplets choose childbirth here. It is the UK that is famous for the most famous cases of multiple pregnancies, successful birth of twins and their successful nursing.
  • Give birth in Finland
    Childbirth in Finland will cost from $ 7,000.
    Almost all hospitals have Russian-speaking staff, so you can save money on an interpreter. The cost of a classic childbirth without complications starts at $ 4.5 thousand, and in case of force majeure, you will have to pay a decent amount. A homely, cozy ward will cost on average about $ 1,000 per day, which includes meals and care for the mother and newborn.
  • Delivery in Switzerland
    $ 20,000 is the starting price for childbirth in Switzerland. With complex childbirth, the cost increases significantly.
    But, if a Russian woman gives birth there, then she will find comfort like in a five-star hotel, disciplined honey. staff and perfect cleanliness.

Childbirth abroad

Childbirth abroad is your choice, but do not forget that for a baby the most important thing is the love and care of parents

Questions regarding staying in a foreign clinic must be trusted only for companies that specialize in organizing childbirth and treatment abroad

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What do you know about childbirth abroad? Share your opinion with us!

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