Which of the three girls is the guy in love with?

Why do girls hesitate to take the first step in a relationship? Most likely, because they simply cannot predict how much their feelings are mutual. They fear rejection and frustration, which may be followed by a decline in self-esteem and self-confidence.

However, if you take a closer look at body language and gesture, it can explain a lot to you and even dispel your doubts. Let’s now test your attentiveness with a simple test.

Take a look at this picture of one guy and three girls. Which one is the guy in love with? Find the sweet lady he likes the most. How quickly can you figure it out?

Take a good look at the picture as the answer is in the details!

Body language test: which of the three girls is the guy in love with?
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren
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Body language test: which of the three girls is the guy in love with?

Allan Pease, Australian businessman, orator and writer, in his book “Body language. How to read the thoughts of others by their gestures “ indicates that during communication, there are many signals that give out a man’s sympathy and interest in a particular woman.

Some of these signals (for example, pupil enlargement, constant touching of hair, hands on a belt or at the waist) are easy to spot in face-to-face communication. But how can you reveal feelings, interest and sympathy when a guy, for example, is surrounded by several girls, among whom is the object of his love?

It turns out that this is quite real! Take another look at the picture and see where the guy’s shoe socks are turned. In other words, where are his feet “looking”?

According to Allan Pease, it is the direction of the feet (on a subconscious level) that indicates the woman who is most attracted to the man at the moment.

In our case, this is girl number 3. As you can see, the answer is simple.

So now you can figure out which of the men has a disposition towards you when you are in the company of several people.

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