7 celebrity moms who gained weight during pregnancy

7 celebrity moms who gained weight during pregnancy - and lost weight quickly after giving birth!The birth of a baby is always a miracle that completely turns the life of a young woman. The toddler changes everything – life, nutrition, plans, facial features, and sometimes adds a little bit of problems to my mother’s figure. Every mother knows well how difficult it is to lose weight after childbirth. Even the most stellar mom. And celebrity moms should look great in all circumstances. How do they manage to lose weight so quickly and return to their former seductive forms? Your attention – the secret formulas of postpartum harmony from stellar mothers.

Polina Dibrova

I gained 23 kg during the 3rd pregnancy.

After 2 months, only 5 extra pounds remained.

The beauty Polina is not only the wife of a famous presenter, but also a participant in beauty contests, so love for oneself alone for ideal forms is, of course, not enough here.

Moreover, over the course of 10 years, Polina gave her husband three sons, and to return to harmony, one diet would definitely not be enough.

Of course, we are not talking about super-masseurs and “correct genes” – although not a single star mother can do without them, as well as without beauty salons.

Polina Dibrova - weight loss after childbirth

However, Polina believes that completely transparent models are not very suitable for the role of large family mothers.

So what’s Polina’s secret? We remember, or better – we write it down!

  • A healthy mind in a healthy body! Love and respect yourself, then it will be easier for the body to cope with recovery after childbirth.
  • Breastfeed. Many stellar mothers believe that it was breastfeeding that helped them get rid of the extra centimeters that they had been waiting for during pregnancy. Healthy snacks (salads and fruits instead of cookies and sandwiches), plain water instead of sugary drinks, refusal of “sour / salinity / fatty content”, an abundance of seafood in the diet will help you to lose weight during lactation and breastfeeding. About 5-6 months after childbirth, the body usually begins to understand that it has coped with the task of “stocking up on resources for feeding,” and from that moment on, fat reserves from internal reserves for breast milk are used.
  • We eat right. We eat dietary meat and broths, cottage cheese and baked vegetables. Instead of desserts – dried fruits and baked fruits. You shouldn’t be greedy!
  • We don’t eat up for children. Many mothers have this habit – to finish eating after the child so as not to throw it away. Do not do this. Apply so much that is enough for everyone to satisfy hunger, and not to “overeat and crawl to bed.”
  • Buy a corset in advance and take it with you to the hospitalso as not to waste time restoring ideal shape. In addition to corsets, do not forget about creams, because with the loss of extra cm, the skin especially needs additional elasticity and hydration.
  • Not a day without sports! Every day we allocate at least an hour for ourselves. Polina’s program: home morning cardio workout (or jogging on the street or on the simulator), afternoon strength classes with a professional trainer (approx. – or modeling massage). On weekends – do not phony! Find the strength for an adequate load for 40 minutes. In the absence of an opportunity to run to the gym – exercise at home with music on your own.
  • Maintain your peace of mind. The more comfortable you are, the more intact your nervous system, the fewer factors that can stimulate overeating.

J. Lo

She gave birth at 40 years old, gained about 20 kg.

Despite the fact that she did not deny herself anything for 9 months, she quickly returned to her previous forms.

Jennifer Lopez in her 48 years really looks luxurious, and hardly anyone can argue with that.

First of all, a team of professionals, including massage therapists, nutritionists, trainers, etc., helped the diva to get back into shape after pregnancy.

A weight loss program specially designed for J.Lo included:

  • Trainings on simulators.
  • Five meals a dayMeal: 1st meal – oatmeal or cottage cheese, 2nd – yogurt, 3rd – lean meat with vegetables and seafood, 4th – milkshake with fruits, and 5th – fish with broccoli. At night, Jennifer allowed herself a glass of low-fat yogurt.
  • Dance trainings.

Jennifer Lopez - weight loss after childbirth

And – a few tips from J. Lo to losing weight moms:

  • Don’t rush into training right away. For the first 5-6 months, just be a mom and limit yourself to frequent walking and running.
  • Choose realistic goals for weight loss. And not mythical or frivolous. For J. Lo, future triathlon competitions have become a stronger motivator than the desire to lose weight for the sake of his favorite jeans. Jennifer spent 45 minutes to 2 hours a day on training (after 7 months after giving birth!).
  • Alternate load typesso that the body adapts to different workouts.
  • Diet is not so much important as healthy food: 5-7 meals a day (breakfast is the most dense of all!), Organic foods, more whole grains and protein.
  • Start taking care of yourself before you get pregnant. If you are used to being in good shape, then the body will recover much faster after childbirth.

It is important to note that Jay Lo was able to finally get rid of the gained pounds only after a few years, and then – due to “becoming a vegan”, which allowed her to quickly lose about 5 kg.

Anastasia Tregubova

After the 3rd pregnancy, she was discharged from the hospital with an “excess” of 7 kg.

I lost 3 kg in the first week, and within a month I got rid of the rest of the extra cm.

It is hard to believe that the presenter Tregubova is the mother of 3 babies, looking at her ideal figure. But the magic, in this case, does not include an ascetic cruel diet …

Anastasia Tregubova - weight loss after childbirth

So, what does Nastya advise?

  • We are in no hurry.
  • Do not forget about the diet of a nursing mother. We eat healthy foods, no fried foods – we stew, boil or eat everything raw. Ban on sweets, salty and smoked products. We do not overuse cheese, curds are only low-fat, and yoghurts are without additives. We bake apples and pears or bananas as desserts. Instead of drinks – water and green tea. Soups – only in 3rd broth.
  • We eat in small portions 5 times a day and not for two! And for myself. For two – no longer needed.
  • Sports and exercise – with the permission of the doctor. For example, from the 10th day Nastya was allowed a tightening and lymphatic drainage massage, and from the 14th day – and the bar.
  • Walk with the stroller more often. Walking Lose Weight Too!

Lyaysan Utyasheva

I gained 25 kg during pregnancy.

I dropped it in 3 months.

Everyone knows this charming presenter, gymnast and exemplary mother. Laysan always looks amazing, regardless of the number of cases and worries.

However, the return to the desired forms after the birth of children (and Laysan has two of them) cost her a lot of effort. And she was able to return to training only in the 2nd month after giving birth.

Laysan Utyasheva - weight loss after childbirth

  • Complete correction of the diet. No flour, only natural and fresh products. We cook on our own and in a good mood. More fish and vegetables.
  • Cocktail from Laysan: dill with parsley, cucumber, fresh zucchini and green onions – mix with sea salt in a mixer, drink instead of juice.
  • About sport – you are life! Naturally, not immediately after childbirth, there is no need to rush the body. Workout time is about 45 minutes every day. Little toddler – in the stroller, and run through the park!
  • No laziness! You probably have a lot to do, approach each process from a sports point of view. Even while washing dishes, you can pump muscles.
  • Do not philonite! Even on vacation and on weekends, find a time and place for at least 20 minutes of exercise, even if you’re on a plane (turn on your fantasy).
  • Be positive and love yourself.but do not let yourself bloom and always be in good shape.

Ksenia Borodina

I gained more than 20 kg during pregnancy.

The first stage of losing weight is minus 16 kg.

The curvy forms of the presenter are remembered by all fans of the program hosted by Ksenia. Pregnancy, of course, did not add harmony, and the issue of losing weight was very acute and urgent.

Neither diet, nor unloading-painful days, nor diligent training brought results, because the task was not only stability of the result, but also in burning a solid number of extra pounds.

Ksenia had to work very hard on herself, especially since the girl is inclined to be overweight by nature, and the result today was appreciated even by those who have never watched Dom-2.

Ksenia Borodina - weight loss after childbirth

So, the secrets of losing weight from Ksyusha Borodina …

  • Proper nutrition. We reduce the daily total calorie content of dishes. We give fatty foods, salinity and sweets to the enemy, to ourselves – vegetables, fruits and steamed dishes. Instead of sugar – a substitute. In the first days of losing weight, Ksenia focused on cucumbers (more cucumbers!), Radishes, tomatoes with beets. This was the backbone of her menu. It is better to temporarily stop using salt, or at least reduce the amount of its consumption. A little lean meat is allowed at lunchtime, as well as 1 egg and a slice of grain bread during the day. Season the salads only with oil.
  • Physical exercise. Not just any “whatever”, but those that bring joy! For example, dancing, fitness or swimming.
  • Correct daily regimen, nutrition (5-6 times) training, drinking (from 2 liters of water) and sleep. Full-fledged, and not “how it goes”.
  • After eating we don’t go to bed, we don’t rest – activity is a must, at least a walk.
  • Trainings with a trainerthat involve electrical muscle stimulation (consult a doctor!).


Has returned to shape within 7 months after giving birth.

Leading Voice and a wonderful performer of Russian folk songs (in childhood – a sweet “chubby”) the country knows and loves very much for her sweet smile, sincere laughter and beauty.

And the audience was quite surprised when, after giving birth, the wife of the hockey player Telegin returned to her red coach chair in an even more beautiful form than before the birth.

Pelageya - weight loss after childbirth

Losing weight like Pelageya!

  • Diet: 5-6 times a day, a little bit. Fasting days are an obligatory part of the regime. Water per day is about 1.5-2 liters. Nothing extra! Only fruits, vegetables and steamed dishes. We never break our diet, regardless of situations.
  • Don’t forget to speed up your metabolism. The better your digestive tract works, the intestines are cleansed, and toxins are removed, the faster you lose weight.
  • We are doing Pilates. Better – according to the author’s program with a professional trainer.
  • Fitness – three times a week… Physical activity is required: walking, exercising and everything that you can manage and master. Important: walks should be active and not less than 40 minutes, because fats begin to “melt” only after 25 minutes of active walking.
  • Don’t forget about baths and saunasthat help burn fat and remove excess fluid.

Polina Gagarina

Recovered by 25 kg during the 2nd pregnancy.

For a week and a half from 78.5 kg, she came to 64.5 kg.

In 2 weeks she returned to normal weight.

To date, only 3 kg are left to the required 53 kg.

Another gorgeous blonde from Russian TV, a mother of two children, Polina Gagarina fought very actively with the gained kilograms – after all, it was time to go on stage just a couple of weeks after the birth of her daughter, and you need to go on it in perfect shape!

The fight against extra cm was exacerbated by problems with the hormonal background, which, according to Polina, simply did not let go of her pounds.

Polina Gagarina - weight loss after childbirth

How did Polina break free of extra pounds?

  • Strict control of the diet. In the morning – carbohydrates (porridge), at lunch – protein and fiber, for dinner – again protein. Portion – from the palm of your hand, no more, and between meals you can have a snack (if you really want to “eat”) with the protein of a boiled egg or boiled chicken.
  • Daily sports.
  • Control over the condition of the skin.

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