How to clean up your closet with clothes – 8 secrets for housewives

Keeping your workplace, kitchen and bath in order is of paramount importance for any responsible guardian of the family hearth. But the “centrifuge” life with its bustle of “school-work-shop-lessons-dinner” leaves almost no time for cleaning the closet. Especially if the family is more than three people. And even more so if the whole family shares one large wardrobe. Oddly enough, even if you constantly return things to their rightful places, after a week or two, digging up the necessary blouse in the closet becomes an almost impossible task.

COLADY will tell you about the secrets of keeping order in the closet with clothes, which every self-respecting housewife should know about.

8 wardrobe secrets every housewife should know
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How to clean up your closet – basic rules

  • We divide all things by seasons
    If winter is far behind you, you absolutely don’t need warm sweaters, pants and skirts in your closet. After washing, we put warm clothes in special bags with zippers and hide them in the dressing room (pantry, spare closet, mezzanine, etc.).
    If there is frost outside the window – accordingly, we conduct an audit and remove all tops, shorts, swimwear and light dresses until summer.
  • Smart things
    We set aside a separate place for them in the closet and pack them in covers.
  • Revision
    We mercilessly sort the contents of the cabinet.
    Axiom: things that have not been used for more than a year can be safely given away (take out, sell, etc.)
    Things you’ll never wear again – in the same stack
    Things are small, large, out of fashion – in the same pile, at the dacha or on the mezzanine (if you plan to wear them again someday).
  • To the trash heap
    Mercilessly – all things that have completely lost their appearance, stretched out, hopelessly dirty. We do not leave these things “in reserve”, do not put them in piles “just in case” and do not hide them in the nightstand “on rags” – only in the trash heap.
    At the same time, we get rid of the habit “for giving, cleaning, at home – it will do” – a woman should look stunning even during repairs, weeding the beds and cleaning the apartment.
  • New things
    Every woman has at least 2-3 things in her closet that simply did not fit or to which interest has suddenly disappeared. Give them to those who will need them – friends, to a charitable foundation, etc.

8 secrets of keeping clothes in the closet by Colady

8 wardrobe secrets every housewife should know
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Having sorted out the necessary, unnecessary and “let it be”, proceeding to the distribution of things in the closet:

  • The first principle is balance
    That is, optimal use of space, without crowding and emptiness. Why do we disassemble things by size and put aside those that can be stored in boxes (boxes).
    Clothes should be positioned on the shelves so that they can be taken out in a few seconds. Moreover, clean and ready to wear. If, after cleaning, in order to get a T-shirt, you have to rummage through a couple of stacks of blouses, the order of the arrangement of things in the closet should be revised.
  • Is there no mirror on the cabinet door?
    Buy a wardrobe with a mirror or ask your spouse to hang a mirror on the door – you will save yourself time and avoid things scattered throughout the apartment (during the fitting process). See also: How to clean mirrors at home correctly.
  • Socks, tights, underwear
    If you don’t have special boxes (and cardboard organizers) for these things, buy special boxes (they are almost everywhere today).
    Such boxes are very convenient for the competent storage of underwear and socks, and the shelf space can be fully used. Don’t forget to sort things by color and function.
  • Do you have a lot of shoes?
    Set aside for her an entire compartment in the closet, or even a separate closet. Sort the shoes into boxes and stick photos of the shoes / boots on them so that you don’t have to dig up all the boxes later.
  • Sweaters, sweaters, t-shirts
    In the absence of pull-out trays with sides, we put these things on the shelves. But not by the usual method, but by rolling into neat rollers – this way they will wrinkle less, and there will be more free space.
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  • Ties, straps and belts
    We hang them on the door or, having rolled them into “snails”, we hide them in special organizers.
    We create partitions on shelves and in drawers, or, again, we buy insert organizers.
  • Hangers
    For things made of delicate fabrics, we purchase only soft hangers. We do not hang white things on wooden hangers, so as not to remove yellow stains from clothes later. Choose a hanger with rounded edges so as not to deform the fabric.
    We hang / sort skirts, trousers, dresses and blouses separately so as not to dig out your favorite dress among 2-3 dozen things later.
  • Upper shelves
    We place things on them that are unlikely to be useful in the next 2-6 months.

Do you keep order in your closets? Share with us in the comments!

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