7 signs of a “cheap” woman

The expression “cheap woman”, you see, sounds extremely ugly, disrespectful and somewhat vulgar. Now look around and you will see many such ladies living next to you. They think only about money, good looks and expensive accessories, which, in their opinion, make them better, higher and more status than others.

However, in reality, they lack basic human qualities such as kindness and compassion. So, 7 signs that clearly characterize these women.

1. Use of men

Use of men

Such a woman has an absolutely distorted perception of men as partners. She gives them an estimate solely for the size of their wallet, and if even one poor fellow fails her financial expectations, she labels him a poor loser. A cheap woman will never pay for herself in a cafe, and she will not hesitate to arrange an ugly scene, forgetting about the most elementary upbringing, if a man disappointed her even a little.

2. Passion for brands

A cheap woman cannot imagine her life without high-profile brands, because they give a feeling of their own status, value and importance. At the same time, in most cases, she lacks a sense of taste, so her only landmark in the fashion world is bright glossy magazines with photos of shocking silicone beauties.

3. Loans, credits, installments

Cheap woman

The cheap woman is constantly in debt. By the way, not because she really needs money for food. She has no hesitation and no hesitation in taking out loans to buy fur coats, a car, or a brand new iPhone. Thanks to these cool things, she increases her very dubious importance, since she has nothing else to brag about.

4. Disrespect for others

Such a woman does not give a penny to the service personnel. In a hotel, in a restaurant or in other public places, she nags in every possible way and insults those who, in her opinion, are lower in status, thus raising her own self-esteem. At the same time, a cheap woman does not think that it is she who looks funny and disgusting in such situations.

5. Appearance is her priority

Cheap woman

Her appearance is a fix idea. Cheap women invariably appear in public in full gear, even when she goes to the beach or to the grocery store. A cheap woman always has bright evening makeup, even when she doesn’t feel well or just runs outside for two minutes to take out the trash. She constantly tries to show off her legs or neckline to emphasize her attractiveness.

6. Disrespect for one’s own origin

Cheap women most often grew up in the most ordinary, average family, and as you can imagine, there is nothing wrong with that. However, such a woman is insanely shy of her own origin and tries in every possible way to create for herself the image of a lady of blue blood. If a cheap woman hails from the provinces, then she often speaks with contempt of provincials as pitiful bourgeois and narrow-minded people.

7. Loyalty? No, have not heard


A cheap woman does not know how (and does not want to) be faithful. This does not apply to her set of virtues. Even if she has acquired a rich admirer, it will not be long. As soon as she meets a wealthier applicant, she will immediately fly away into his arms. The appetites of such a lady grow exponentially, and there can be no question of any constancy in her case.

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