8 effective ways to remove gum from clothes at home

If you are faced with such a problem as gum sticking to clothes, a bag or other thing – do not get discouraged and do not rush to throw away what you think is completely spoiled.

COLADY will tell you about 8 effective methods for removing gum from the surface of clothes. They really work!

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Removing gum from clothing is pretty easy., because there are many proven ways to help solve this problem.

The simplest and most reliable option to clean the chewing gum from clothes, undoubtedly, is dry cleaning… There, without difficulty, with the help of various chemicals, the clothes will return to their original appearance. Of course, this “pleasure” requires considerable financial costs.

8 effective methods to remove gum from clothes at home

  • Boiling and hot air
    If there is gum on the jeans, then you can remove the gum from the jeans using the boiling method: immerse the contaminated jeans in water at a temperature of 100 ° C to melt the gum. When the water has cooled to a temperature where it is possible to put your hands in there, take an unnecessary toothbrush or knife and try to scrub the gum from your pants as much as possible.
    You can also soften the gum warm air of a hairdryer operating at maximum power, which is aimed at the tissue from the back (inner) side of the gum.
    The use of methods with high temperatures is possible only for those fabrics that can be washed at high temperatures (this is indicated on the labels of the clothes).
  • Freezing
    You can remove gum from clothes by freezing it. If the soiled item is small and can easily fit into the fridge freezer without touching the edges of the freezer, then you should try this method. So, fold the gum-stained item in such a way that the sticky gum is on the outside. Place folded clothing in a plastic bag. It is necessary that the gum does not stick to the bag. If it sticks to the packing bag, make a hole in it, place it in the freezer.
    Leave the folded clothing in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours until the gum is firm. Then, using a knife or tweezers, try to scrape off the gum. It shouldn’t be difficult: frozen gum usually crumbles and peels off easily.
    If the soiled item is too bulky to fit in the refrigerator, then the area with the gum can be frozen with ice cubes. Place a few pieces of frozen water on the gum stain and, after freezing, scrape off with a sharp object.
    If a white spot remains, wipe it off with ethyl alcohol.
  • Petrol
    It can be purchased in lighter refills. First, put a little bit of gasoline on the inside of the garment to check for discoloration, other stains, or damage to the fabric. After such a check, making sure that everything is in order, you need to soften the gum: hold the thing over the steam.
    Then apply a chemical combustible material to the stain with a cotton swab and leave for 5-7 minutes.
    Then, with a napkin or a piece of cloth, collect and remove the gum from the clothes.
  • Ironing
    Using heat and an iron, you can remove the gum from pants, jeans, and other items.
    Place the stained clothing on the ironing board, stain side up. On top of the gum, place a napkin, several times folded gauze or a sheet of paper.
    Then use a heated iron to iron the dirty area several times. When exposed to high enough temperatures, the chewing gum will soften and stick to paper or tissue. See also: What iron to choose for the home – all the secrets of choosing a modern iron.
  • Rapid Cooling Products
    With a cooling aerosol such as Freezer, which is used to cool microcircuits and purchased at radio stores, or dry ice, which is used to cool food, you can quickly remove the gum by first freezing it.
  • Vinegar
    You can clean the gum from clothes using vinegar with denim, but this method will not work for delicate, delicate and thin fabrics (chiffon dresses, silk, satin, corduroy trousers).
    Heat a small amount of vinegar in a bowl. When it gets hot, apply it with a brush (such as a toothbrush) to the area where the gum has adhered. Rub the stain vigorously. If the stain is still not completely removed, heat the vinegar again and remove any gum residue.
  • Nail polish remover
    After eliminating the bulk of the gum by methods such as freezing and ironing, the remnants of the gum are easily removed with a liquid designed to remove varnish from nails – only without acetone, which can transform the color of the clothes.
  • Sprays
    Now on sale there are special sprays specifically designed to remove gum. You can also use sprays – stain removers, the action of which extends to removing gum from clothing.

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Removing gum with alcohol – video

Trouble with gum can happen everywhere: in transport, in a cafe, in an educational institution, and even at home. In order not to suffer with the removal of the gum stain, you need to be careful and pay attention to where you sit

What methods of removing gum from clothes are known to you? Share with us!

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