9 most beautiful hotels in the world with photos and descriptions

If you rest, then – like a king. Where did the kings live? Yes, that’s right – in the most luxurious, expensive and extraordinary palaces! will guide you into the depths of the most beautiful hotels in the world. Modern palaces, architectural ensembles and the most expensive rooms in the world – 9 best hotels in the world.

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  • Burj Al Arab (Dubai, UAE)
9 most beautiful hotels in the world with photos

Confidently the first place in the ranking of the most beautiful hotel. There are no economy class rooms here, there are no middle class rooms. Only suite. The building was built on an artificially created island, which is located 280 meters from the coast.
Its height is 321 meters, and in shape it resembles a sail.

Many of its guests have called it “sail”. Eight thousand square meters of gold leaf were used in the interior of Burj Al Arab. One of the hotel’s restaurants is located at an altitude of 200 meters, and invites its visitors to enjoy the view of the Arabian Gulf.

  • Palazzo Resort Hotel (Las Vegas, USA)
9 most beautiful hotels in the world with photos

A place that beckons with excitement, randomness of victories and well-thought-out moves – Vegas. A palazzo of unprecedented size, a hotel with over eight thousand rooms. Here you will find restaurants, trendy boutiques and, of course, casinos.
Most of the hotel guests are avid poker and roulette players. Here you can ride a Lamborghini and watch the legendary Jersey Boyce Broadway show.

The Palazzo is the hotel with the largest number of rooms in the world.

  • Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
9 most beautiful hotels in the world with photos

The hotel cost $ 3 billion to build, which puts it at the top of the cost list. It accommodates two swimming pools, four tennis courts, gyms and a golf course.
The construction of a football stadium that will host the World Cup in 2022 has begun near the hotel.

  • Park Hyatt (Shanghai, China)
9 most beautiful hotels in the world with photos

Overlooking the Huangpu River in the downtown area of ​​Shanghai, there is a hotel with the tallest hotel rooms in the world.
On the 85th floor of the hotel there is a water temple, an infinity pool, and a hall for those wishing to improve their health through tai chi classes. Restaurants, bars, conference rooms and huge velvet beds.

  • Aria (Prague, Czech Republic)
9 most beautiful hotels in the world with photos

In the rating of luxury hotels, it occupies the first line largely due to the atmosphere and exclusive interior, created according to the ideas of Italian designers – Rocco Magnonli and Lorenzo Carmelini.
Each floor of the hotel sounds different. Its guests are invited to choose what kind of music will arrive in their room: jazz, contemporary music, opera. The hotel is located next to the Vrtba garden, created in the Baroque style. See also: What Prague is notable for travelers – weather and entertainment in Prague.

  • Ice Hotel (Jukkasjärvi, Sweden)
9 most beautiful hotels in the world with photos

The entire hotel is built of ice blocks. It’s pretty cool here, if you can call it that. The temperature in rooms, where it is better to sleep in warm sleeping bags, fluctuates around -5 degrees Celsius.
Two bars with strong drinks and real lingonberry tea. The hotel is rebuilt every year. But it is not advisable to live here for more than two days. The cold takes its toll.

The most beautiful hotel in the world according to numerous reviews of tourists.

  • Hoshi Ryokan (Komatsu, Japan)
9 most beautiful hotels in the world with photos

The history of the hotel dates back to 1291. It survived two world wars, and its owners are still the same family, which has been receiving guests from all over the world for 49 generations.
An underground hot spring is located next to the hotel.

  • President Wilson Hotel (Geneva, Switzerland)
9 most beautiful hotels in the world with photos

An elegant five-star hotel is located on the embankment of the capital city. The windows offer views of the Alps, Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc.
The hotel is ready to offer its guests a full range of health care services: spa, swimming pool, exquisite cuisine of the restaurant, which received the most prestigious award in 2014 – the Michelin star.

  • Four Seasons (New York, USA)
9 most beautiful hotels in the world with photos

This incredibly beautiful hotel is located in the heart of New York, among the skyscrapers. Glass doors and unparalleled views of Manhattan make it one of the most desirable lodging spots in the entire city. A personal butler, chauffeur, coach and art concierge are at your service.
The decoration of each room is made according to a special order. Do not be surprised by marble, gold and platinum. Life in such a hotel stops.

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What hotels have you stayed in? Share with us in the comments!

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