Eric Clapton stole his best friend’s wife

Being the muse of two of the most famous musicians of the 20th century may seem like a dream for any woman, but in reality, Patty Boyd’s life was not so cloudless. She happened to become a wife and beloved woman first of George Harrison from Beatlesand then singer Eric Clapton. However, both marriages fell apart.

Love triangle

Eric Clapton and Patty Boyd
Eric Clapton and Patti Boyd

In the 1960s, popular model Patti Boyd found herself at the center of a love triangle. She married Harrison in 1966 and Clapton was his best friend. In March 1970, Patti received a letter that read:

“I want to know if you love your husband or do you have someone else? If in your heart there is a feeling for me … let me know! “.

That evening, Patty called Clapton and calmly asked if she had read his message. So began the long courtship of the singer for his friend’s wife. While Patty rejected Clapton’s attentions, Harrison recklessly cheated on her with his fans. Who could resist then the irresistible “Beatles”?

“I was on the defensive for a very long time and struggled to save my marriage, but at that moment I felt confused,” Patti Boyd recalled of Clapton’s courtship. “On the one hand, I was flattered, but at the same time I was terrified.”

Clapton wrote some of his most famous songs Something, Layla and Wonderful Tonight specifically for Patty Boyd. He also visited their home frequently while Harrison toured.

“Everything was getting worse and more complicated. George had problems with Beatlesand he was acting terrible, and Eric kept coming to me, says Patty. “There was complete chaos around, there were always crowds of people in the house. It was a crazy time. “

Childless marriage with Clapton and children on the side

Eric Clapton and Patty Boyd 2

Soon Patti Boyd left Harrison, and in 1979 she and Clapton were married. Their marriage was overshadowed only by the absence of children, although Patty year after year stubbornly underwent examinations and prepared for the IVF procedure. Clapton sought solace on the side as she continued her attempts:

“Eric supported me after my failed IVF. I thought about adopting a baby, but he didn’t like the idea at all. “

At first, Patty had no idea that he was dating other women during his touring tours. This came as a shock to her, but soon Clapton also told his wife that he had a son, Connor. (The boy died tragically in 1991 when he fell from the balcony).

star couple

The couple broke up in 1988, and Patti openly admitted in an interview:

“He was honest and talked about his second child, who was due to be born soon. Eric thought we could sort this out somehow, but I decided it was time to get it over with. “

After their divorce, Patty also learned about Ruth, Clapton’s very first daughter. The singer was quick to warn the ex-wife that the press would savor this story:

“I just asked him, ‘I wonder how many more children you have?’

According to Patti, their marriage was destroyed not only by infidelity, but also by his alcoholism:

“After the course of treatment, Eric started drinking again. He was getting worse and worse. It was terrible being around him and listening to his insults. “

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