9 secrets of a perfect relationship – tips from the editors of Colady

What do you think determines overall life satisfaction? According to psychologists – from 2 basic factors, the presence of a favorite business and harmonious relations with a partner.

Ideal relationships are not easy to build, but those couples who succeed have a much easier and better life. Today I will teach you how to reach a higher level of relationship with your partner.

Secret # 1 – You Must Have a Common Goal

perfect couple

The main principle of any team building is the joint advancement of each team member forward. The key word is JOINT.

The presence of common principles brings together, promotes a single movement forward. Nothing “sticks” people together like a single goal. It can be anything. For some couples, this is the birth of children, for others – the accumulation of money to buy real estate, but for the third – self-improvement and complementarity.

Important! The goal must be determined by yourself, and not by someone else. Don’t force yourself to want what your partner wants. If his principles and beliefs are at odds with your own, he is probably not your person.

This rule does not mean that there should be no disagreements in your pair. On the contrary, their presence is absolutely normal. But, at the same time, your common goal will become the foundation of the relationship.

Secret # 2 – Be honest with your partner and demand the same of him

Honesty is one of the three pillars of a harmonious relationship. Don’t think that a small lie is better than a big one. It is just as destructive in nature.

Advice! You should not hide your true thoughts from your chosen one. Talk to him frankly.

Accept the fact that all people are different and they do not always meet your expectations. Be more tolerant of dissent. Only then will you be able to better understand your partner.

the secrets of a perfect relationship

Secret number 3 – Know how to say “thank you” and “sorry”

As a rule, people have a hard time admitting their mistakes, which is a pity. Remember, the ability to say “I’m sorry” is very valuable. People who can sincerely apologize are trusted by others and are willing to give them a second chance.

If you have offended your chosen one, be sure to ask for forgiveness for this. By doing this, you will win him over and demonstrate that he is not indifferent to you.

Also, learn to thank your other half for a cooked breakfast, a nice present, or help with work. Believe me, it is appreciated!

Secret # 4 – Instead of having a pointless argument, offer a solution to the problem

In any relationship, disagreements arise sooner or later. This is fine. But, they must be resolved peacefully. In happy couples, the right decision is always found during dialogue. Take an example from them!

You should not conflict with your loved one in your hearts, offer him a way out! The ideal option is to accept his emotions, thank them for their honesty, and then offer a dialogue.

Important! If you value your other half, always look for an opportunity to negotiate with her, you should not conflict for the sake of emotional relaxation.

perfect relationship

Secret # 5 – Accept your partner for who they are

Each person is unique. When choosing a partner, it is important to pay attention not only to its advantages, but also to its disadvantages. If the person next to you has character traits that repel you, you shouldn’t change him! It probably just doesn’t suit you.

There are no perfect people. But, this does not mean that you can exert psychological pressure on your partner. If a person is dear to you, accept him as he is, without trying to change.

Secret # 6 – Don’t mix work and play

Successful people who have managed to build harmonious relationships with a partner have a strictly ordered life. They know to devote time to work during the day and to each other in the evening.

Never mix personal with professional (exception – you work in the same field). When you are with your loved one, devote your energy to him, you should not think about work. And vice versa.

Important! Sometimes people become so absorbed in work that they forget about their families. From this, their relations with household members deteriorate.

Secret # 7 – Don’t Compare Your Relationship to Others

couple in love

This should not be done under any circumstances. The reason is that you can get bogged down in the illusion that you are drawing the right conclusions. Others’ relationships will always seem of better quality than your own. Why? Because you don’t know all of their pitfalls.

Important! When we are in society, we strive to look more presentable, so we behave accordingly.

Therefore, it makes no sense to target other couples. If it seems to you that your acquaintances, beloved ones, are the standard of relationships, believe me, this is not so. They, like all pairs, have problems.

Secret # 8 – Remember to tell your significant other how you feel about her

The phrase “I love you” will never become commonplace! It reflects the depth of feelings for a partner and demonstrates the speaker’s vulnerability. And when a person is subconsciously not afraid to seem weak, he inspires confidence.

The ideal relationship between lovers involves the regular expression of strong feelings. Tell your partner as often as possible that he is important to you. You don’t have to say these words! Do things. It is not necessary to talk about feelings every day so that they do not become boring.

Secret # 9 – Never Accumulate Resentment


The ideal relationship diagram is simpler than you might think. It is based on sincerity and strong feelings. For a happy life with a partner, it is not enough to regularly remind him of your love (although this is also very important).

To make you comfortable with your partner, learn to talk directly to him about your grievances. Don’t gloss over your grievances. Otherwise, all problems, like a snowball, will fall on your relationship. Finding a way out in this case will be extremely difficult.

Important! Many women think that their man should figure out their grievances on his own. Unfortunately, this happens very rarely. The psychology of men is simpler. Your partner may not even notice that you are upset about something. Therefore, it is important to learn to speak directly to him about your dissatisfaction.

What difficulties arise in your relationship with your loved one? Share with us in the comments.

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