Aqua aerobics exercises for pregnant women in the pool

Water is just great for relaxing, which is why exercises on the water are recommended for absolutely everyone, even for pregnant women whose uterus is in good shape. Aerobics for pregnant women allows you to relieve stress, relieve muscle tension, normalize the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Performing exercises for pregnant women in the pool, the expectant mother will free herself from tension in the spine, which is especially important in the final trimester of pregnancy.

In addition, the woman strengthens the immune system, learn proper breathing and control of your muscles: load some muscle groups and relax others, which is very important at the time of childbirth.

Aqua aerobics for pregnant women

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A set of stretching exercises

Exercises for pregnant women on the water are usually performed for 45-50 minutes with the body immersed in water to the chest or to the waist… Aqua aerobics for pregnant women always starts with exercises for warming up muscles and stretching.

After you are a little swam and got used to the water, jump several times, trying to spread your legs as wide as possible to the sides. Then try do the splits (transverse or longitudinal).

Video: Stretching Exercises

After such warming up exercises for pregnant women for stretching, you can go over to the main set of exercises, for which you will need special devices. These include dumbbells, balancing pads, special belts, balls… Whether or not these accessories are used in water aerobics is up to you.

Video: Aqua aerobics for pregnant women

Exercises such as walking with raising legs and rotating arms, squats, allow you to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, relax the spine, relieve swelling of the arms and legs.

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Twisting exercises in water

Twisting exercises help to strengthen the muscles of the back and most often are performed near the side of the pool

Women, holding on to him with both hands and, being with their face or back to him, squat, placing an emphasis with your feet on the wall of the pool. Then they push off and straighten the torso.

You can, holding on to the edge of the side, perform the exercise “a ride on the bicycle“, Or simply rotate your legs and lift them at different angles in different directions.

Another effective twisting exercise is pulling the knees to the stomachwhen a woman, lying on her stomach, holds on to the side with outstretched arms.

Video: Stretching and twisting aqua aerobics exercises for pregnant women

Holding your breath in water – how to do it for expectant mothers?

Breath-holding exercises are designed to make it easier for the expectant mother to control her breathing at the time of birth.

These exercises include various breaths in and out into the water, the technique of exhalation into account.

Video: Breath-holding exercises

An interesting collective breath-holding exercise, when pregnant women, holding hands, have a round dance in the pool, and then on a count of three squat through one, plunging into the water with their head.

Experienced women who have attended more than one water aerobics lesson can perform a rather difficult exercise: pregnant women line up in a chain and spread their legs wide… The extreme woman dives under the water and swims through the formed channel from the legs.

Video: Complex for expectant mothers in the last weeks of pregnancy

Video: Breathing Exercises

Group exercises in the pool – video

Group lessons will help not only prepare the body well for childbirth, but also make friends, talk with them on general topics.

Video: Group Lessons

Video: Dancing and free movement in the water

Aqua aerobics for pregnant women always under the supervision of a trainer and nurse

In case of an uncomfortable state (dizzy, cold, heart rate increased), the lesson should be stopped!

When choosing a pool where your classes will take place, ask how is water purified (cleaning should take place without the use of chlorine). And also look at the website of the selected institution for videos of aqua aerobics classes for pregnant women.

Do not forget that to attend the aqua aerobics classes for pregnant women, you need to have certificates from therapist and gynecologist that you have no contraindications for exercising in the pool.

Video: Aqua aerobics in a group

Relaxation exercises

After completing the main set of exercises, where it is necessary to make some effort, pregnant women need relax and unwind

For a relaxing effect lie on your backLeaning your head on an inflatable pillow, relax your body, move your arms to the sides and lie on the water, enjoying calmness and tranquility.

An alternative could be exercise, when the woman, lying on her stomach, puts his head under the water and rests in this position.

Video: Relaxing in the water

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