15 best gifts for mom for the New Year

Gifts for mom for the New YearNew Year is not only a joy, but also worries associated with the choice of gifts. There are no problems with gifts to friends, relatives or colleagues, you can give them almost anything you want. It can be either a practical joke or a budget gift, or a chic present. But with parents, it’s not so simple. Mom needs to give something, if possible, expected and – special.

In order to pick up a gift for the New Year for your mom, you need to decide how practical it should be.

15 gift ideas for your beloved mom for the New Year

  1. Warm tights Calzedonia Cashmere. The price of such products is from 1000 to 2500 rubles. For the New Year, the purchase of very warm tights, which your mother probably will not buy herself, can be an excellent gift. Calzedonia Cashmere tightsA popular brand, excellent quality and a very warm thing will delight mom in the cold season! Maybe mom will put on warm tights already for a walk to the city tree on New Year’s Eve!
  2. Electric Toothbrush – this is a thing that your mother will not part with for a day. If you donate a very high quality brush, then it will serve faithfully for many years. We advise you to pay attention to such modern models of brushes as Oral-B Vitality 3D White (Braun), Oral-B Sensi UltraThin 800 (Braun), CS Medica CS-333, Philips Sonicare DiamondClean. Oral-B Vitality 3D White (Braun)You can buy an electric toothbrush for 2000-4000 rubles, depending on the chosen brand and model.
  3. Water-repellent tablecloth The price range is from 800 rubles to 3000. Agree that mother’s festive tables attract everyone like a magnet! And in order to create an atmospheric setting, your mom sets the table, putting the best on it. And often after a holiday she has to put a lot of effort into fighting fatty, berry, wine, etc. stains that treacherously sprinkle the best tablecloth in the house. Water-repellent tableclothThe water-repellent tablecloth will look like new for a long time and delight the hosts and guests with the same vibrant colors as the new item. The tablecloth can be made of polyester, acrylic, teflon. The basis of Teflon products can be either mixed or made of natural materials – linen, cotton, silk.
  4. Universal mini-bakery – REDMOND RMB-611 multibaker. Cost – from 2500 to 3000 rubles. The smart appliance with various baking and frying panels will help you prepare excellent molded sandwiches, pancakes, donuts, waffles, pies, scrambled eggs, burgers in a matter of minutes – and much, much more. Multibaker REDMOND RMB-611REDMOND RMB-611 Multi-Baker PlatformsThe excellent quality of REDMOND equipment does not need advertising – including the multi-bakers of this brand have won the recognition of many Russian women this year.
  5. Device with attachments for hardware manicure and pedicure, Sanitas, 2,490 rubles. Device with attachments for hardware manicure and pedicure, SanitasEvery year our mothers begin to purchase less and less personal care and spa products. Surprisingly, with age in our society, spending a decent amount on cosmetic procedures is gradually becoming bad manners. And if your mother cannot afford to buy expensive and high-quality beauty products and devices, then you definitely need to give it to her. Beauty salon for your mother at home – what else is needed for women’s secrets of happiness!
  6. Orthopedic pillow MemorySleep. Prices for a “pillow with memory” can vary in the range from 2500 to 3000 rubles. This is not at all a banal pillow on the sofa – it can be said to be a product made of high-quality latex that individually adapts to the body, which, without exaggeration, can greatly postpone the meeting of a mother with osteochondrosis, cervical intervertebral hernias and other problems of female adulthood. Orthopedic pillow MemorySleepA home orthopedic doctor is a great gift for the New Year!
  7. Book A book is by no means a trivial New Year’s gift for mom, if you approach her choice wisely. In the store you can find successful copyright books with recipes that have an unusually beautiful design and photographs. For example, the book “Tasty Year. Wonderful pies, desserts and snacks with preserves and marinades “, which is recognized as one of the best books in the” Cooking “section – you can buy it for 450 rubles. The book "Tasty year. Wonderful pies, desserts and snacks with preserves and marinades"Does mom like to do needlework? Please – “Encyclopedia of Knitting Designs. Designer of pattern combinations + 300 author’s compositions “for 1000 rubles will be an excellent gift and incentive to create regular handmade masterpieces.
  8. Warming feet foot massager. A gift that will give you warmth and health at the most necessary time of the year! We recommend paying attention to the hits of the season – the Beurer FM38 heated foot massager, its price is about 3 thousand rubles, or the Beurer FM60 foot massager, which performs shiatsu massage, for 5 thousand rubles. Beurer FM60 foot massager
  9. Car vacuum cleaner. Even if your mother is by no means a car lady, and can only ride in the passenger seat in a car, a compact car vacuum cleaner will be very useful for her and will facilitate her housework. car vacuum cleaner Philips FC 6141With this unit, you can collect crumbs from surfaces after dinner, threads after handicrafts, dry the surfaces to be glued, get coins or spools of thread that have rolled in there from under the sofa. We recommend one of the best models of such equipment – Philips FC 6141, which today costs about 2,500 rubles.
  10. The box for handicraft is sliding. Fascinated by needlework or something like that, mom will be happy to feel recognized if you give her a handicraft box in several tiers. Casket for needleworkBasically, these are piece goods, handmade, they can be bought in the shops of craftsmen. Prices for sliding boxes start at 2300 rubles.
  11. Folding umbrella “Sky inside”. This gift is not for winter, but it is necessary to prepare in advance for spring. A comfortable high-quality umbrella with an individual sky will give your mom a great mood even on the most cloudy and rainy days! Umbrella "Sky with Clouds"Prices for such an umbrella vary greatly, depending on the manufacturer and type of umbrella, but remain in the budget segment – 500-1000 rubles.
  12. Thermos kettle, or thermopot. Every housewife will like a kitchen helper as a gift. Modern household appliances simplify kitchen management so much that there will be more time for tea with girlfriends. The thermopot will allow mom to drink tea or coffee whenever she wants, without waiting for a boil. Atlanta ATH-2665The best thermal pots for today are Panasonic NC-HU301, which will cost 10 thousand rubles, or a model with a quite democratic cost of 2300 rubles – Atlanta ATH-2665.
  13. Ananda Travel Suitcase, its price can be called quite budget – 2650 rubles, given that this suitcase is in the top five in terms of quality this year. Ananda suitcaseIf your mother is very fond of traveling, she will like such a gift and will give new impressions and pleasant memories every time.
  14. Smart bracelet for sports and health. No one argues that mothers are now advanced, like their modern children. Therefore, such a gift will come in handy, it is stylish, fashionable and very necessary in all spheres of life – from “watching the time” to “planning sports training or meals.” Huawei Honor Band A1Today, the leader of smart bracelets is Samsung Gear Fit2, but not everyone can afford to buy it at such a price – 10-12 thousand rubles. We can recommend a very feminine smartwatch model, which is also among the top ten in the outgoing year – Huawei Honor Band A1, which can be purchased for 1000 rubles. In general, prices for this group of products are very, very different – choose the model that suits you in all respects.
  15. Portable bluetooth speaker, which my mother will appreciate during spa treatments at home, on country trips, in the country – but you never know where else! This device will allow you to listen to your favorite music and even receive phone calls from a distance from the main unit. The best of the best this year, judging by customer reviews and demand, is Sony SRS-XB10, the price of which is kept around 3 thousand rubles. Sony SRS-XB10In our high-tech age, such a gift is very important and necessary. And mothers always postpone a purchase for themselves, their priority is purchases for you, isn’t that so?

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