Actress, singer Sara Oaks – exclusive interview for colady

Actress, singer Sara Oaks - exclusive interview for coladyToday our interlocutor is a popular actress, singer, model Sarah Ochs, who is known as a very versatile person, whose many talents will still be new discoveries for fans. In an exclusive interview with our magazine, Sarah shared the beauty and beauty secrets she uses in her busy touring life.

– Sarah, please tell us what self-care rules do you adhere to in life?

– Early bedtime and early rise, masks every other day, cleansing, skin type care, fitness, hammam, timely manicure-pedicure, coloring and massages.

– How busy is your schedule, and how do you manage to combine the regime with work?

– I think in big cities many people have a tight schedule, and self-care is a matter of priorities. Someone will say – “I don’t have time” to disguise laziness and lack of motivation.

Beautiful photos on Instagram help me in self-discipline – you look at all this beauty, and immediately lift yourself up by the hair in the direction of a salon or home care.

Actress, singer Sara Oaks - exclusive interview for colady

– Do you like to travel for your soul, or is the main time spent on touring today?

– I combine business with pleasure – and discover new places, and make cool content. I regularly post it on my YouTube channel Sara-Oks

Even on vacation, it is possible to record new songs, draw inspiration, catch insights and communicate on business issues.

You need to remember to keep yourself in good shape on vacation.

– What vehicles do you like to travel most of all? Planes, trains, cars?

– I love airplanes, and recently, as soon as I got behind the wheel, I enjoy traveling in a car. Trains blacklisted =)

Actress, singer Sara Oaks - exclusive interview for colady

– Please tell us how you manage to maintain a fresh image while traveling. What are your irreplaceable “beauty assistants” in travel?

– Hard. Especially if the skin type is oily.

But there are also life hacks here – thermal water, shine remover wipes, wet wipes, concealer under the eyes and coral lip gloss. Eyelashes and eyeliner tinting with eyeliner and pencil are required. Comfortable clothing and clean, voluminous hair.

This is the minimum program for restoration.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are required, because on the road the skin is prone to microinflammation and redness.

– How do you put yourself in order after night flights? Are there any super recipes for edema and signs of sleepiness?

– You need to come and sleep after taking a shower. If it is not possible – wash your face with ice water, put patches or a mask on your face, after freezing them a little in the hotel refrigerator.

Comfortable clothes and shoes, makeup – fresh shades, light shadows, shimmery textures.

Head and ear massage, face fitness, light facial massage. Tea will also help to stay vigorous for a while.

Actress, singer Sara Oaks - exclusive interview for colady

– What care products do you consider obligatory and favorite? And what do you think about cheap cosmetics?

– There are inexpensive tools that can give a head start to the hyped.

For example, Compliment Eye Gel is lightweight and refreshes instantly.

My entire refrigerator is stuffed with masks of different origins – from Korean to domestic. I really love the GreyMy hair brand – the smell and effect are amazing.

The oils are very effective, good are La Roche Posay, serums with vitamin a.

I also buy cosmetics on trips and duty free – but I take local companies. For example, in Armenia, the Emirates and Cyprus, she took care of facial skin.

There is ice in the freezer in different versions – I freeze herbs and vinegar, juices and much more.

Mud masks, even silt – I use successfully to dry the skin, clay is not so effective in this regard.

Actress, singer Sara Oaks - exclusive interview for colady

– What about folk beauty recipes?

– If finances are not a lot, then you can turn to folk remedies – ice cubes and homemade face masks will not be worse.

But be careful with hair masks – they are all designed for a natural color, not a chemical, bleached one. Therefore, cranberries, mustards and other natural compounds can burn your head or damage your hair texture. Don’t skimp on your hair.

And the body in general can be smeared with oil with the addition of essential oils.

– Sarah, please share your life hacks – how do you manage to look so good? Do you exercise regularly? Do you go to spa treatments?

– Now I try to regularly attend a fitness club and group classes.

Sometimes you can lie around when burnout occurs. But it is better not to allow this, to switch to the positive in time.

And tomorrow I’m going to the complex of spa treatments at @spa_spalna in Kurkino. I promise to make an objective review later on my instagram @sara__oks

Once a week I do a general and anti-cellulite massage, and disperse the lymph.

Actress, singer Sara Oaks - exclusive interview for colady

– Many girls are unhappy with the “beauty from God.” And what “flaws” do you see in yourself, and how do you manage to successfully mask them?

– Of course, my complexion is imperfect, pores are enlarged, but I maintain a good look with carbon peels, laser treatments and special lines for my skin type.

I do exercises for the face to tone the muscles and remove puffiness, I always do self-massage with pats. I don’t do cardinal procedures, except for nanoperforation and Recosma.

I fell in love with feminine closed clothes – in it the figure looks more graceful and noble. I feel what suits me and what doesn’t. I don’t follow fashion =)

I create my own trends.

– Can you name the means or procedures in which you are disappointed – and will not recommend to anyone?

– Propeller, Loreal, Nivea. Disappointed Sephora, Kikko – funds about nothing, even without a placebo effect.

There are a lot of them, and I don’t keep all the names in my head, but if I see them, I immediately bypass them.

Actress, singer Sara Oaks - exclusive interview for colady

– Are there any masters (coaches, stylists or makeup artists) who, in your opinion, made a great contribution to your appearance? Who would you like to thank and recommend?

– I can’t single out one. Each made minor adjustments, which, in the end, led to what is.

The most influential image maker and coach for me is the Internet. Here you can learn everything for free, information – a carriage, if you wish.

And from specific personalities I want to highlight:

  • Eyebrow Masters @diamondtattoo_ru
  • Clinic where I do yellow peeling @esteco_plastica
  • Sorceress for body shaping @massag_tk
  • Specialists in noble coloring and highlighting @nadin_hairstylist_putilkovo and @ vvb3377
  • Stylist and show room @pro_fresh_shop
  • Creative jewelry designer @

and other beauty professionals.

– Sarah, thank you for the interview! We wish you to always remain such a beauty, it is very easy to endure any trips, to always be in shape and like yourself!

Actress, singer Sara Oaks - exclusive interview for colady

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