How to find a job for a woman after maternity leave

How to find a job for a woman after maternity leaveAccording to statistics, more than 50% of Russian women cannot find a job after parental leave. Employers are skeptical about women with children. Who needs female employees who constantly go on sick leave and take time off? Experts told who can get a job for a young mother and how to return to their previous place of work after the decree.

How much do women earn after maternity leave

Women earn 20-30% less than men. Women earn even less after maternity leave because they choose part-time jobs or often take time off. The salary for part-time work in Russia is below 20,000 rubles.

According to, the average salary in Russia in March 2019 is 34,998 rubles.

Who can women work after decree

After the decree, most Russian women work as accountants or sales managers; during the decree, many take courses.

If the standard work schedule does not suit you, you can learn during the maternity leave to become a manicure, eyelash extension or hairdresser. For an order, you can earn up to 1000 rubles, work in a studio or at home. Manicurists and hairdressers in Russia earn an average of 30,000 rubles per month.

More than 1.2 million new vacancies in Russia can be found on

What rights do women with children have

During a woman’s maternity leave, the employer hires a temporary worker. According to Art. 256 of the Labor Code, after the end of the decree, the woman returns to the position, and the temporary worker is dismissed or transferred to a vacant position.

A woman can go to work before the end of her maternity leave. To do this, you need to write an application for employment. The date of return to the workplace must be discussed with the employer. At the same time, the childcare allowance will no longer be paid.

Article 256 of the Labor Code also provides for a part-time withdrawal from the decree. The employer must sign the appropriate agreement.

The agreement must contain:

  1. Work and rest regime;
  2. Length of the working week;
  3. Working hours (per day);
  4. The amount of wages.

In case of early part-time work, the childcare allowance for up to 1.5 years is retained.

If the employer does not take back to work, he is breaking the law. In case of refusal, a complaint must be filed with the Labor Inspectorate.

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