Alicia Silverstone pays alimony to her ex-husband

43-year-old Hollywood star Alicia Silverstone and her ex-husband Christopher Jarecki, frontman of the punk band STUN, decided to part ways in 2018. And this is after more than 20 years of relationship, of which they were officially married for 13 years.

“Bear, his dad and I get along great.”

Alicia Silverstone with her ex-husband

After eight years of a bright romance, they went to the altar in 2005, and six years later became the parents of a son with the amazing name Bear (bear). But even two decades of love did not save their marriage, which on the surface looked perfect, stable and strong.

“They still love and respect each other and remain close friends. Nevertheless, Alicia and Christopher made a joint decision to divorce. They have a son and they continue to raise him together, ”was their laconic statement to the public.

In May 2020, the actress personally confirmed that they are still working as a team: “Bear, his dad and I communicate a lot and get along very well.”

Alimony to ex-husband on strange terms

Their divorce was quiet and peaceful, they have joint custody of their son. However, it turned out very strange that Alicia agreed to pay her ex 12 thousand dollars monthly for four years, but with the conditions that her financial obligations “immediately end” if Jarecki lived with a new girlfriend for at least five months for of the year.

Alicia Silverstone with her ex-husband 2

Zen style mom

Nevertheless, the actress does not comment on this moment, but she always willingly talks about her son:

“We ask him what he wants to become, although at first I thought if it was worth putting pressure on the child like that. But Bear told me that he would make the decision himself. “

Alicia confesses that she is a Zen mom, and she doesn’t like raising her voice at a child:

“I will talk to him firmly and seriously, but I will never shout. As a child, for example, they often yelled at me, so I am against this approach. “

Alicia with her son

The actress is also a vegetarian and animal welfare activist. She is also sure that making a child sleep separately in her crib is wrong:

“We wake up together and laugh and talk for several hours, and then we go to fry pancakes. I hope that my son will be as optimistic, loving life as I am, and will choose the right path for himself. “

Alicia is open to everything new

The period after the divorce turned out to be difficult for Alicia:

“It definitely hurts a lot. When you get married, you think that you will never part. However, all I can say is that we remain Bear’s parents, and that is great for all of us. “

Alicia Silverstone

The actress also started dating men again, and, according to her, she likes it:

“I go on dates and I find it very exciting because I meet interesting, intelligent and so different people. I am open to everything new, although, of course, there are many moments that confuse and alarming. “

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