All types of food in hotels – decoding and designation

When choosing a hotel, the type of food provided plays a significant role, which, as a rule, looks like an intricate letter code. In order not to be mistaken and to exclude additional costs, you need to clarify in advance how to choose the right type of food in hotels for travel? Colady’s editorial team acquaints you with the decoding and designation of all types of food in hotels.

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All types of food in hotels with decoding

  • Power code such as OB, RO, NA, AO or EP, indicates that food is not provided.
  • SV – breakfast only (bun with butter / jam, tea / coffee, juice, sometimes yogurt).
  • AB – American breakfast. It consists of a hot dish (eg sausage with an omelette) and cheese / sausage slices.
  • English breakfast includes juices / mineral water, tea / coffee, toast with butter / jam and scrambled eggs and ham.
  • Cipher BB means that you are entitled to breakfast exclusively, namely the buffet in the hotel restaurant. As for drinks, you have to pay for them. Lunch and dinner are also not included in the price – in the hotel bars / restaurants for your money.
  • VT – you are supposed to have breakfast and treatment.
  • BB + suggests a slightly more extended version of the explosive. In addition to the buffet in the morning, you can count on additional services. Which ones – it is better to find out in advance.
  • BL – only breakfast with lunch. Free drinks – only with breakfast and no alcohol.
  • HB – You can have breakfast and dinner in the hotel restaurant (buffet). Breakfast is free of charge – water, tea, coffee. But for lunch you have to fork out.
Catering in hotels - how to choose the right type of food in hotels for travel?
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  • HB + – the same option as in the previous paragraph, but you can still count on non-alcoholic / alcoholic drinks throughout the day.
  • FB – you will have to pay for drinks, but food in the main restaurant, as expected – breakfast, lunch, dinner (of course, buffet).
  • FB + – buffet three times a day and drinks offered at the hotel (wine, beer – depending on the rules).
  • AR – full board. You don’t have to worry – breakfast, lunch and dinner will definitely be there.
  • BP – a very hearty American breakfast, and that’s it.
  • CP – light breakfast, the rest – for a fee.
  • MAP – for you only breakfast and lunch, dinner – only at your own expense (not included in the total price), in some hotels afternoon tea may be included.
  • LIGHT ALL INCLUSIVE – you can count on breakfast, lunch, dinner. Unlimited drinks for you. That is, you can drink mineral water, alcohol, juices, etc. as much as your heart desires. In addition, the hotel will also delight you with additional meals (in accordance with its “stardom”) – afternoon tea, barbecue, late dinner or just a light “snack”.
  • ALL INCLUSIVE – you will have two breakfasts (main + late), any local drinks during the day, as well as a buffet for lunch and dinner.
  • ULTRA ALL INCLUSIVE – buffet three times a day in the main restaurant, local drinks with and without alcohol, as well as some imported drinks. Sometimes hotels also offer massage or tennis as an additional service.
Catering in hotels - how to choose the right type of food in hotels for travel?
Photo by Pixabay
  • HCAL – you won’t have to pay separately for anything. Everything is at your service, within reason.
  • CLUB PHARAOH – three times a day – buffet + any local drinks. Upon check-in at the hotel – a welcome “food set”: a cocktail, wine with fruits and pastries. Slippers and a bathrobe will be waiting for you in your room. You can also count on half an hour of free massage and internet. You can also play tennis for free.
  • ULTRA ALL INCLUSIVE I Wish – Three times a day buffet awaits you, a gift bottle of wine on the day of arrival, any local drinks – no limit. And also a jacuzzi + a sauna (no more than 2 hours), and to them – imported whiskey, rum, martini, campari.
  • A-la carte means that you can choose any dish from those offered in the restaurant menu.
  • DNR – only dinner. As a rule, in the form of a buffet. As for Europe, the choice of second courses will be limited to 3-5, but you can eat salads and snacks as much as you want.

And remember that the meaning of the coveted phrase “all inclusive” is different from the phrase “full board”. The second option is most often does not include free drinks… And when choosing between half board and full board, be guided by how much time you are going to spend on vacation at the hotel. because full board will save you from having to spend money on food in city restaurants.

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