The best baby food – rating and real reviews from parents

The ranking of baby food is based on reviews, sales and product quality. What infant formula should my child buy? We asked this question to pediatricians and baby food manufacturers. Consider the benefits of several companies that make food for toddlers.

Rating of baby food, parent reviews

From all the variety of baby food, experienced parents know how to choose only the most useful for their kids. Their recommendations and reviews will help young parents understand the abundance that baby food departments offer us in stores. So, which baby food manufacturers do parents prefer?

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1. Baby food HiPP – description and real feedback from parents

The rating of baby food for newborns is headed by “HiPP”.

The company “Hipp” (Austria, Germany) more than a hundred years ago launched the first industrial cycle in Europe for the production of food for babies. This company produces a wide range of products – food for different age categories of children. You can buy Hipp baby food in many countries, including Russia.

Baby food “Hipp” is milk mixtures, vegetable, fruit, berry puree, tea, cereal products. All grain, vegetable and berry crops are grown on special plantations, where soil and water samples are taken.


  • Very convenient packaging – both in jars and boxes.
  • Large selection of varied teas.
  • Delicious fruit puree, juices.


  • The composition of the product and other data are printed on the packaging in very small print.
  • Tasty canned meat.

Parents’ comments on Hipp products for baby nutrition:

As it turned out, there is little vitamin C and B in the juices of this brand – the indicators are much lower than necessary.

Very tasteless canned food with meat! In particular, beef with vegetables tastes disgusting, the baby even vomited from the first spoon.

And we really liked the Hipp soothing tea. The kid began to sleep well, the stool is regular, and he really likes the taste. I drank tea for nursing mothers while I was breastfeeding my baby.

I like cookies “Hipp”, the kid eats porridge from it with great pleasure, and I – with tea. Only the composition contains soda – and this, I think, is not very good for a child.

The son ate “Hipp” “Rice broth” one month old, very helpful!

2. Information and feedback from parents about Nestle baby food

Rating of baby food (puree) – the second position is taken by the trademarks Nestle, NAN (Switzerland, Netherlands), Nestogen, Gerber (Poland, USA). This company is engaged in the production of a wide range of products for baby food, considered one of the best, popular manufacturers in this category of goods. The company carefully monitors the production, using only safe methods of processing products, observing all the norms for the preparation of products for the children’s menu. Products for children are made with the addition of “live” BL bifidobacteria, which increase the immunity of babies.

Among all the products of this company, Nestle cereals are very famous, which are enriched with prebiotics, contain complexes of vitamins and minerals. Milk infant formula “NAN” is also known and popular. Nestogen infant formula is known for containing a complex of special dietary fibers, which are PREBIO® prebiotics – they improve the intestinal microflora of the child, prevent constipation in infants. Gerber products for baby food have more than 80 names – these are fruit, vegetable, fruit and cereal, meat purees, fruit juices, baby biscuits, meat and poultry sticks, toasts for babies.


  • A huge variety of products for children.
  • Convenient packaging, product tightness.
  • The labels on the cans and boxes are good, everything is readable.
  • Excellent taste of products.


  • Liquid consistency of meat and vegetable purees.

Parents’ comments on the products “Nestle”, “NAN”, “Nestogen”, “Gerber” for feeding babies:

My daughter is very fond of Gerber vegetable purees, although they taste very unpleasant to me. But, if the child likes it – and we are happy, we buy only them.

And I also want to say that “Gerber” vegetable and fruit puree is very delicate – I have not seen anything like this on any brand.

The son enjoys eating canned meat from Nestlé.

My son really likes Nestlé instant milk (from 1 year old), although you can’t make him drink ordinary milk.

We didn’t like the poultry puree. Liquid, incomprehensible color and taste. And the son spat.

3. Baby food Babushkino lukoshko – reviews, product descriptions

Manufacturer: the company “Sivma. Baby food ”, distributor“ Hipp ”, Russia.
It is represented by a wide assortment range of products for babies – these are infant formula, various purees, canned food, drinking water for children, herbal teas for babies and their nursing mothers, juices.
The products of “Babushkino Lukoshko” are developed by the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. In the production of products for little gourmets, natural, ecologically safe products of high quality are used. The production does not use genetically modified products, preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors.


  • Convenient sealed packaging.
  • Natural smell and taste of canned fruits and vegetables.
  • Lack of starch in the composition.
  • Low cost.


  • Sweeteners in some fruit purees.
  • Unpleasant taste of meat purees.

Parents’ comments on the products “Babushkino Lukoshko” for feeding babies:

Unfortunately, sometimes inedible foreign inclusions in the form of sticks, pieces of polyethylene were found in the jars, and once a piece of bone was found in canned fish. I will not take more food “Granny’s basket”.

We give our son puree “Grandmother’s basket – the child likes it, no foreign objects were found in the jar. The taste of these mashed potatoes is much better than that of other firms, we are not going to give up.

The most favorite puree among all the products of this brand is Zucchini with Milk. My daughter eats it with pleasure, so we buy it often. They did not find anything superfluous in the puree, and reviews of various foreign objects look like unfair competition. My friends also feed their children with “Grandma’s basket”, everyone is happy, I have not heard anything bad.

4. Nutricia for children. Information, parental reviews

Manufacturer: Holland, Netherlands, Russia.
A manufacturer of baby food, began producing this category in 1896 – then it was milk for babies. In 1901, Nutricia itself was formed with an important goal of reducing infant mortality in Europe.

Half a century later, this company entered the European market, presenting a wide range of products. In 2007 this company became part of the Danone group. In Russia, this company acquired (in 1994) the Istra-Nutricia factory in the Moscow region. The company presents five food groups for babies: in orange packaging – fruit purees, juices; in a beige package – fruit puree with yogurt, curd; in red packaging – second courses of meat, fish, poultry; in green packaging – vegetable purees; in blue packaging – dairy and dairy-free cereals.


  • Products are developed by scientists from research centers.
  • Excellent sealed and beautiful packaging.
  • Five groups of products for children, by age.
  • Produces infant formula “Nutrilon” – the best among the mixtures.


  • The high price of products.
  • Unpleasant smell of formula milk.

Parents’ comments on Nutricia products for baby nutrition:

The child developed an allergy to fruit puree, although until that moment we had no allergies.

The child enjoys eating “Baby” porridge, he especially likes wheat porridge with pumpkin. Porridge is divorced perfectly, so it is a pleasure to cook them. The child is full and happy!

Child didn’t like broccoli and cauliflower puree. I tried it myself – and the truth is, the taste is unpleasant.

I didn’t like the apple juice – it’s kind of watery.

5. Food products of the “Heinz” company for children. Feedback from parents

Manufacturer: Company “Heinz”, USA, Russia) is represented by a wide range of different products. Most of the products of this brand are manufactured at Russian factories.


  • Products are represented by a varied assortment.
  • Excellent sealed and beautiful packaging.
  • There are foods for toddlers’ ages.
  • High quality and natural products.


  • The high price of products.
  • Soups and meat purees taste bad.
  • Sugar is found in almost all foods.
  • Small packages of cereals (200-250 gr).

What parents say about Heinz baby food:

The child did not like the navy-style macaroons. I tried it myself – very sour tomato sauce.

My daughter is just in awe of Delicious rice porridge (dried apricots and prunes) milk. True, it is very thick – you have to dilute it with milk in excess of the norm.

My son always cook chicken soup with Zvezdochka Vermicelli from this company – he really likes the shape and taste of these pasta!

Disgusting fish puree! The taste and smell are unpleasant!

I think that the best for this baby food manufacturer is porridge! The child eats with pleasure. I buy only dairy products, as dairy-free on water are very tasteless. The baby is happy with the porridge, and it is very convenient for us to prepare a delicious and varied menu for our baby.

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