An elegant woman’s speech lesson from Maria Boucher

Eloquence was appreciated at all times, even in Ancient Greece there lived talented orators who taught the verbal craft to other residents. Of course, speech characterizes very well the person who pronounces it. And if a woman learns elegance and good manners, adopted in a secular society, then her speech should be delivered. Maria Boucher gladly agreed to share with readers Colady rules and taboos of graceful speech.

Maria Bouchet – director and teacher of the Austrian Higher School of Etiquette, an international expert for many years has been inspiring girls to change their lives for the better.

Maria Boucher
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The rules of speech for an elegant woman

It is very easy to recognize an elegant and educated woman, you don’t even need to look at her. You can only listen to what and how she says. I have identified for you 3 rules of speech, observing which you will become more sophisticated.

I often “stumble” on this issue, especially in Russia, because I have lived abroad for a long time. Should there be at least some flaw in me? So here’s a flaw in me – it’s not quite a restored Russian language. But I am working on it because it is very important.

  • Artistic content

In Russia, many people do not use adjectives enough, including myself. Therefore, I made a list of Russian adjectives and today our students learn 10 words from this list. They should actively use them during the week.

Many people think that the most important parasites in speech are “well”, “yes”, “no”. But in fact, the main parasite in the speech of a Russian is “very”. Very beautiful, very good … Avoid this word!

  • Euphemisms in speech

A secular person always replaces a negative word with a more neutral one. A well-mannered person will say, for example, not “a drunkard”, but “a person with a bad habit.” There is no strong disapproval here, but the right thought was expressed.

There are also some very simple secrets. For example, try saying “thank you” instead of “thank you” and you will immediately feel the difference in speech.

“Sins” in conversation that should not be allowed

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You know, some of my students come to school to “make sure” that it is impossible to become elegant! I quote: “All these gestures, turns of the head and the endless“ thank you ”smells of self-righteousness! And you know, I can’t help but agree. There are sins that destroy elegance in a minute.

Remember the stories about female idols in silent movies? Namely, how did they collapse against the sound speakers? Today we will discuss mistakes in speech that an elegant woman does not make.

  • Smack your lips when you speak. Especially you need to monitor the habit of swallowing saliva when talking.
  • Use old terry words like “Madam, would you deign to move your slender waist to the right so that the venerable lady could get into the subway carriage?”
  • Sometimes the pretentiousness in speech is manifested in the habit of stretching-I-yelling words-a. And if at this time you still periodically roll your eyes and speak slightly through your nose, then you can safely claim the title of “miss cutesy”.

Dear girls, remember – the speech of an elegant woman is very natural. There is not a single note of vanity and boredom in it. Kindness and a cheerful disposition should be felt in the intonation and manner of communication.

What do you think, is it elegant or not to insert foreign words into your speech when talking to people?

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