Anastasia Kisegach – changing the style of the heroine

As part of the Transfiguration project, our team decided to conduct a bold experiment and imagine how the harsh head physician from the popular television series Interns could look in unusual images for herself.

Actress Svetlana Kamynina, who played the head physician Anatasia Kisegach, surprisingly clearly was able to convey the solid character of her character. In the series, a spectacular woman appears in the form of a brunette, which further emphasizes her firmness and strength of character. If the hair color was changed to light, then the character himself would become somewhat different, softer:

Svetlana Kamynina image 1
Option number 1

With red hair, Anastasia Kisegach would have looked more mischievous and sly. Medium hair length is most suitable for the actress, and light waves would give more femininity:

Svetlana Kamynina image 2
Option number 2

One of the images that could suit a serious qualified head physician could be an image with a bob haircut. The color could be less dark, and in makeup, the emphasis could be on the lips:

Svetlana Kamynina image 3
Option number 3

To go to social events, Anastasia Konstantinovna could remove her hair upstairs, leaving a few curls. The natural beauty of the actress in a feminine way could be emphasized by nude makeup:

Svetlana Kamynina image 4
Option number 4

Another hairstyle option could be long, loose hair in a natural brown color, which would emphasize the unusual color of her sly green eyes:

Svetlana Kamynina image 5
Option number 5
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