Anna Khilkevich spoke about how meditation works

Is meditation a panacea or a waste of time? Actual practice has very contradictory reviews and still raises many questions: someone has a positive attitude to meditation, while someone considers it quackery and wonders how it can be useful.

Actress Anna Khilkevich, who got acquainted with meditation while on holiday in Thailand, considers it to be a very productive occupation that has a positive effect on our mental health and attitude towards the world around us. In her blog, the star talked about the benefits and features of this practice, putting everything on the shelves.

anna khilkevich
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“You start to hear yourself”

Anna Khilkevich started talking about meditation back in 2020 after a trip to Thailand: it was there that she met spiritual practices and experienced their impact on herself. Now in the Instagram account of the stars, posts regularly appear on this topic, in which the actress shares her impressions of the practices and talks about their benefits.

Recently, Anna admitted that meditation has become a daily ritual for her, for which she spends only 15 minutes, but in return she gets an amazing result. According to her, meditation helps to “tame the brain” and change patterns of behavior, as a result of which the attitude towards familiar things changes: the reaction to stressful situations becomes completely different, not self-destructive.

The star is sure that a quarter of an hour devoted to unity with oneself and immersion in oneself can significantly affect the quality of life.

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Photo @annakhilkevich

“I meditate daily. And many acquaintances seem to want to too, but, firstly, they don’t really understand how, and secondly, they don’t understand why. I’ll try to tell it in a household way.

When we force ourselves to sit down calmly and not think about anything, then our brain is the very instrument that believes that it is in charge here and starts to strike. Especially at the very beginning. We start to itch, remember important things, feel all kinds of inconveniences. But meditation is a way to “tame” the brain. But when the process is started, when our head accepts that the owner is no longer he, it becomes much easier to change the usual patterns of behavior.

I literally recently realized that it was thanks to daily meditations that I learned to react to situations at will – not in the usual destructive ways, but in the way I want. On the path that I choose! Not my head.

Plus, the concentration of attention in life improves.

You start to hear yourself. Feel better. You become deeper, wider, wiser and calmer. I understand that the daily 15 minutes for my soul greatly affects the quality of life. “

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Photo @annakhilkevich

Subscribers’ opinion

Despite the persuasiveness, Anna’s words met with a mixed reaction among subscribers. Many users agreed with the actress and admitted that they themselves practice meditation or want to start. However, some were skeptical about meditation, hinting that some modern women may not even have the proverbial fifteen minutes for themselves.

“Class! I also want to start! “ – khomyakova_91

“In a one-room apartment. The older one does her homework, the little one pulls on to play with him, and the husband from the kitchen yells – “what to eat?”. And you meditate … But in general, probably a cool thing, this meditation of yours … “, – aniutka_90

“Meditation is our salvation in such a difficult period for us now, during a pandemic, when people are tired of news, of fear for their lives and loved ones.”, – mironova.emotolog

“I am afraid that I will fall asleep while I try to immerse myself in myself.”, – svetlana.gavrichenkova.

anna khilkevich 4
Photo @annakhilkevich

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