Nelly Idrisova told how to find out about your mission

How to find a work of life, from which the heart will beat faster and which can be boldly and proudly called its purpose?

Nelly Idrisova, MAC-therapist, female coach and project founder “Business Bachelorette Party” in Kazakhstan will help you in your search, but will not be able to guarantee the answer to this question. But she will make it so that you yourself will receive the answer from a very reliable source – from the hidden depths of your soul.

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Interviewer – Colady magazine journalist Tatiana Babichenko

Colady: Nelly, you help women in solving a variety of issues, including – to hear the call of the soul and find their purpose. What do you yourself mean by the concept of purpose?

Nellie: This is a kind of activity that not only brings pleasure to a person, but also provides it. If this is just a business that he likes, but it is not particularly in demand and is not needed by anyone, then this is still a hobby.

If a person does not receive back energy from people in the form of money or in the form of gratitude, then there is initially an incorrect energy exchange and in this state the person will not last long – he will quickly be disappointed and quit. Positive feedback from society and people is very important here. So you can understand that you are on the right path.

Colady: How do you feel your mission?

Nellie: Until the age of three, a person knows his purpose, he still remembers it from the experience of past lives, but with age he forgets. And throughout his life something “clicks” in his soul, situations and life circumstances periodically push him towards his mission. And this inner feeling is the reference point of the direction to which he needs to move.

Colady: In your field of activity, you help women correctly tune the fine strings of the soul and hear her “whisper”. In doing so, you use Metaphorical Associative Cards (MAC-therapy). How does this technique work and what is its advantage?

Nellie: Metaphorical associative cards are a tool for working with the subconscious. There are people who have a highly developed intuitive channel, they are already accustomed to listening and hearing themselves. But most people ask – “What does your soul want?” – they will not be able to answer, because in principle they are not used to asking themselves such questions and to have some kind of contact with their souls.

Colady: That is, this is the very inner voice to which you need to listen?

Nellie: Yes, we all have an inner voice that we usually avoid, do not listen and look at the situation for reasons of logic and reason.

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Colady: But why? Isn’t it easier to listen to your inner voice after all? After all, a lot of problems are immediately solved!

Nellie: We are all under pressure from social stereotypes. We even bring up our children from the position of “convenience” – we want the child to be obedient, calm, that is, “comfortable”. What can we say about the state, which benefits from making the masses of people as easy as possible to manage.

If everyone goes his own way, he will again be “uncomfortable”, a protestor. And at some point, a person may become uncomfortable even for himself, when he is forced to abandon some, at first glance, profitable projects in favor of his soul.

Colady: So, not listening to ourselves is a stereotype of actions to which we are accustomed and follow it out of inertia and out of fear?

Nellie: Yes, because even our brain does everything to make us comfortable and not feel any unnecessary stress. Our body, too, once again does not want to raise an arm or a leg, and we go where, first of all, it is warm and satisfying.

Physiological needs – food, sleep, intimacy – are quite primitive, but if a person is provided with them, this will be enough for many.

Colady: But why, then, the soul should not integrate into this comfort system and function in the overall harmonious system?

Nellie: This is what I do – I help our girls, women find balance. And the metaphorical cards that I use are good precisely because the work with them is focused on feelings, associations and intuition, and not on reason and logic.

I myself do not translate the client’s position in any way, I listen to him – how he interprets the cards, how he sees and feels them. That is, his own subconsciousness gives answers to the questions asked by him.

Colady: And how does this technically happen?

Nellie: A person formulates a question, then pulls out a certain card from the deck. This card is the answer of his unconscious, which must be comprehended.

Also I work with global queries. I make a layout of several decks according to a certain scheme and bring the client to the main question, the answer to which worries him most of all.

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Colady: Is it true that in this method the first emotion is very important, even, rather, a sensation that has not yet been drowned out by the thoughts of the mind?

Nellie: Yes, the soul always gives the correct answer, and it just waits for us to hear it. When the soul realizes that we are ready to hear it, it becomes very responsive. Those who have established this internal contact can listen to themselves well, those who do not have this need to develop.

Colady: How exactly can you learn this?

Nellie: The main thing is to tune in to the right wave, to concentrate. And honesty with yourself and the ability to admit that the answer you received is exactly the same, and not some other one that you may have fantasized or expected to hear, is also very important.

In my classes, I give special exercises and homework on the topic “How to develop intuition and build a relationship with your soul.” Sufficiently good results can be felt within one to two weeks.

Colady: Before doing MAC-therapy, you passed an initiation from a shaman in Indonesia to conduct female practices, female rituals. Tell us about this direction.

Nellie: Actually, I started even earlier with organizing business bachelorette parties. This idea came to me when I was on maternity leave. I had a large base of partners, clients that remained with me after my career in the advertising business.

And I thought about how to unite them on one platform so that they have the opportunity to get acquainted, communicate, interact. This received a response, and later I saw that they were coming to me to talk not only about business, but also about some other personal issues. I started looking for additional effective tools to help more people.

After initiation (transition to a new stage of development in women’s practices) with a shaman, I could add a touch of spirituality to solving business issues, conduct so-called “women’s circles” (when we all sit on the floor and communicate in the format of deeper interaction, meditate.)

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Colady: Why did you want to do something else on maternity leave? After all, at this time the woman already has enough things to do!

Nellie: I probably have a lot of energy. And, by the way, among my clients there are many women on maternity leave, and many of them during this period felt socially useless. That is, this is a rather serious problem – most of the women with whom I talked while on maternity leave did not enjoy motherhood, but, on the contrary, “faded out” and “faded out” during this period.

Colady: Maybe there is also some kind of pressure from society, which forces women to run somewhere, be sure to do something? Doesn’t let them just sit back and enjoy their motherhood?

Nellie: It seems to me that, in principle, we do not have many women whose mission is to be a mother. A woman for whom motherhood is a mission feels differently.

At the same time, it does not matter how many children she has – one or five, she really enjoys every day, she is relaxed, in no hurry. Few women can devote themselves to the role of a mother all their lives and experience pleasure from this, and not just a necessity.

Colady: That is, for those women for whom motherhood is not a mission, it is necessary to realize themselves as actively as possible in society?

Nellie: There is a very subtle point here. You really need to understand and feel that you have a lot of energy and your desire to do something else, besides being a mother, rather from an excess of this energy than from a lack.

Otherwise, when a woman is on maternity leave, she doesn’t have very much energy, she is tired and her desire to go to work is no longer a mission and a search for a purpose, but an opportunity to escape from everyday life and somehow get distracted. It turns out that her choice comes from despair and, in fact, it is not a solution, but “flight” from the problem.

Colady: You help women as a mentor, coach, business coach. Moreover, your classes are held both in a group and individually. Does it happen that you realize that you cannot help a person?

Nellie: If I see that a woman’s situation is very traumatic, then I advise her to be helped by another competent specialist – a psychologist or psychiatrist. Or, if she came with some ailments, apathy, it may not be so much psychological problems as problems with the thyroid gland. Again, a qualified medical advice is needed here.

And when I see that a person needs to seriously work on his body, that he simply does not live in his body, then I advise you to change accents, move away from spiritual practices and take care of the body.

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Colady: What does it mean – “does not live in his body”?

Nellie: For example, if a woman does not have any personal relationships, but at the same time delves deeply into spirituality, studies too many spiritual practices, does endless rituals, then I can advise her to switch from head to body – go in for sports, dance, go to a massage therapist and, most importantly , find a partner and start building personal relationships with him.

After all, all spiritual practices are absolutely useless if we ultimately cannot build relationships with people. This is where our spirituality is tested. Therefore, I urge everyone to be adequate.

One must remember that everything is good in moderation, one must not go into some abstract “worlds”, delve too deeply into mysticism, but one must use one’s spiritual knowledge in practice in accordance with the unique desires of the soul. After all, everything that your inner voice told you is very important to materialize in the physical, real world. Then it will be possible to say that the call of your soul has really been heard.

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