Anna Smetannikova – Colady magazine expert, NLP trainer, psychologist

Anna SmetannikovaAbout myself:

– The only NLP trainer in Russia who teaches the classical and New NLP code in the course of NLP practices.
– Student of John Grinder, NLP trainer of international level
– Clinical psychologist
– Ericksonian Hypnotherapist
– Founder of the school “Happy and Free”
– Executive coach, speaker of Synergy, instructor of kundalini yoga, author of 4 psychological projects
– I conduct business support
– Practical experience over 12 years
– 4 internships as a coach in English
– Author of the book “Happy and Free”
– More than 1000 clients,
– more than 1000 students
– More than 15 million rubles invested in our own development and education
– Author of 4 psychological projects.

My mission is to develop others through my own development. This is my unique talent – to see the essence, transform, help change. Leaving your comfort zone and your own limitations, it allows you to feel what HAPPINESS and FREEDOM are!


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