Fitness bikini swimwear – features and price

Girls who go in for sports have thought more than once about taking part in the fitness bikini competition. However, many believe that this competition is just a demonstration of their physical form. This is a misconception. It is also a demonstration of your taste, as well as the ability to stay on stage. One of the most important evaluation criteria is a swimsuit.

So what should be a fitness bikini swimsuit and how to impress the judges with your choice?

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General swimwear rules for fitness bikini

  • Swimwear can be joint or separate. The choice is wide, however, different federations have different requirements for swimwear.
  • The leotard should be non-acidic in order not to distract the judges from evaluating your body.
  • It is forbidden to use brocade fabric and various padding on the bodice of a swimsuit (push-up). If this is found, the competitor will be immediately disqualified.
  • Bikini clasps should be simple, no 10 knots.
  • Bikini bottoms should hide 1/3 of the buttocks (you can’t use less). Sometimes it happens that the judges walk with a ruler and check the size of the swimming trunks.
  • The bodice should open up your back and abs.
  • In the semifinals and in the final, the contestants may wear different swimsuits – this is allowed by the rules, but the swimsuit must be separate.
  • Many aspiring athletes make a huge mistake – they go out in beach swimsuits. This is unprofessional and sometimes judges deduct points for such an oversight. Even if you decorate an ordinary swimsuit with rhinestones and embroidery, the difference from a fitness swimsuit will be colossal.
  • The leotard is evaluated by the judges in conjunction with the makeup, so you need to remember that toning takes place 24 hours before the competition. This is done so that there are no stripes left from the swimsuit on the body, otherwise, while changing clothes, you simply lubricate all the makeup, and it will look very ugly and even dirty.
  • It is forbidden to use ruffles on the bodice or on swimming trunks if they cover the muscles.

Fitness Bikini Swimwear

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Individuality in the choice or tailoring of a swimsuit for a fitness bikini

The choice of a swimsuit for a fitness bikini is a very crucial moment, because you need not only to choose a swimsuit according to your figure, but also to make it so that the judges remember it.

So how do you personalize your swimsuit?

  • Specialized ateliers can tailor the swimsuit you want, but do not forget about the rules of the fitness federation.
  • Fringe and other “pendants” must not cover the muscles, otherwise disqualification is possible.
  • Use interesting colors to grab the judges’ attention. Combine eye-pleasing shades.
  • It is allowed to use rhinestones and sequins to decorate the bodice and the front of swimming trunks.
  • Match your swimsuit to your figure for a more dramatic look. For example, you can choose a model of swimming trunks, where the ties will be located not on the hips, but slightly higher – this will help to make the legs visually longer.
  • A unique model can also be knitted or crocheted from synthetic threads. It will look very unusual.
  • You can also buy a ready-made swimsuit, and then decorate it as you wish.

Fitness bikini swimwear price

The prices for fitness bikini swimwear are different and vary depending on the decor, material and style of the swimsuit. Most often, a swimsuit can be purchased in the price range from 2,000 rubles to infinity, as there are swimsuits decorated with Swarovski crystals, etc.

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