15 best exercises for schoolchildren at home – gymnastics for posture and muscle tone for children 7-10 years old

Home gymnastics for a child - the best exercisesSome parents consider exercise to be superfluous (“why – there is physical education at school!”), Others do not have an extra 15-20 minutes for children, “because there is work!” And only a few moms and dads understand the importance of exercising for a child, and specifically get up in the morning half an hour early in order to have time with the child to cheer up and prepare the body for the school / work day with the help of effective exercises for children.

If your kids are sleeping in class and are constantly shirking physical education lessons, this instruction is for you!

The content of the article:

  1. When to do and how to prepare for gymnastics?
  2. 15 best exercises for children 7-10 years old
  3. Motivation of a younger student to perform gymnastics

When is it better to do exercises for a younger student – how to prepare for gymnastics?

Man, by nature, has to move a lot. No wonder they say that movement is life. The less the child moves, spending all his free time near the TV and sitting at the computer, the more health problems he gets.

Children’s specialists sound the alarm and remind parents that the child’s body must move actively at least 10 hours a week, and for younger students this minimum increases to 3 hours a day. Moreover, it is desirable that this happens in the fresh air.

Naturally, parents have too little time, but still allocating 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening for exercises is not so difficult.

Video: Gymnastics for primary school children

What does charging give?

  • Prevention of obesity.
  • Prevention of problems of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, etc.
  • Elimination of nervous tension.
  • Return of the body to normal tone.
  • Mood improvement is a psychological setting for a good day and a boost of vivacity in the morning.
  • Full awakening (the child will come to the lessons with a “fresh” head).
  • Metabolism activation.
  • Etc.

How to prepare your child for exercise?

Of course, it is difficult to get a child out of bed ahead of time – especially “for some kind of exercise there.” This wonderful habit must be instilled gradually.

As you know, it takes about 15-30 days of regularly repeating actions to establish a habit. That is, after 2-3 weeks of such classes, your child will already reach for them himself.

Without the attitude – nowhere. Therefore, the most important thing in developing this habit is to tune in and find motivation.

In addition, it is important that the exercises for the child are periodically changed (children at this age get tired too quickly from the same type of training).

And do not forget to praise the child and in every possible way encourage any physical activity.

Video: Morning exercises. Charging for children

15 best exercises for children 7-10 years old – correct posture and increase muscle tone with a daily set of exercises!

If you do not have the opportunity to go out to charge in the fresh air, then open the window in the room – training should not take place in a stuffy room.

It is recommended to have breakfast after charging (physical activity on a full stomach is not the best solution), and to make the exercise more fun, we turn on the groovy invigorating music.

So, to your attention – 15 exercises for younger students

The first 5 exercises are for warming up the muscles. It is categorically impossible to do complex exercises right after sleep.

  1. We take a deep breath and rise on our toes. We pull the handles up as high as possible, as if we are trying to reach the ceiling. We lower ourselves to a full foot and exhale. The number of approaches is 10.
  2. We tilt our head to the left, return to the starting position for a couple of seconds and then tilt our head to the right… Next, we make circular movements with our head – to the right side, then to the left. Execution time – 2 minutes.
  3. Now the shoulders and arms. We raise one shoulder in turn, then the other, then both at once. Next, we swing upward with our hands – in turn, then with the left, then with the right hand. Then circular movements with the hands, as in swimming – first with breaststroke, then with crawl. We try to do the exercises as slowly as possible. Exercises for back muscles and posture
  4. We put our hands on our sides and make bends – left, right, then forward and backward. 5 times in each direction.
  5. We walk in place for 2-3 minutes, raising our knees as high as possible… Next, we jump 5 times on the left leg, then 5 times on the right, then 5 times on both, and then jumps with a 180 degree turn.
  6. We stretch our arms forward, lock our fingers into a lock and stretch forward – as far as possible… Then, without losing the lock, we put our hands down and try to reach the floor with our palms. Well, we finish the exercise, trying to reach the ceiling with our clasped palms. Stretching exercises
  7. We perform squats. Conditions: keep the back straight, legs shoulder-width apart, hands can be clasped behind the head in a lock or pulled forward. The number of repetitions is 10-15.
  8. We push up. Boys do push-ups, of course, from the floor, but for girls, the task can be simplified – you can do push-ups from a chair or sofa. The number of repetitions is from 3-5.
  9. Boat. We lie down on our tummy, stretch our arms forward and slightly upward (lift up the bow of the boat), and also join our legs together, raise the “stern of the boat” up. We bend the back as hard as possible. Execution time – 2-3 minutes.
  10. Bridge. We lie down on the floor (children who know how to descend onto the bridge from a standing position descend directly from it), rest our feet and palms on the floor and, straightening our arms and legs, bend our back in an arc. Execution time – 2-3 minutes.
  11. We sit on the floor and spread the legs to the sides. Alternately, we stretch our hands to the toes of the left foot, then to the toes of the right. It is important to touch the legs with the stomach so that the body lies with the leg – parallel to the floor.
  12. We bend the left leg at the knee and lift it up, do a clap with our hands under it… Then repeat with the right leg. Next, we raise the extended left leg as high as possible (at least 90 degrees relative to the floor) and again clap our hands under it. Repeat for the right leg. Exercises for the muscles of the trunk
  13. Martin. We spread our arms to the sides, take our left leg back and, slightly tilting the body forward, freeze in the swallow pose for 1-2 minutes. It is important that the body at this moment is parallel to the floor. Then we repeat the exercise, changing the leg.
  14. We squeeze a regular ball between the knees, straighten our shoulders, rest our hands on the belt. Now squat slowly, keeping your back straight and the ball between your knees. The number of repetitions is 10-12.
  15. We put our hands on the floor and “hover” over it in the “push-up” position. And now, slowly, with the help of our hands, we “go” into an upright position. We rest a little in the “ostrich” position and “stomp” with our hands forward to the original position. We walk back and forth with our hands 10-12 times.

We finish the exercises with a simple exercise for rest: we stretch to attention while inhaling, straining all the muscles – for 5-10 seconds. Then we sharply relax on the command “at ease”, exhaling. We repeat the exercise 3 times.

A set of exercises for children

Motivating a younger student to do the daily gymnastics complex at home – useful tips for parents

Even an adult finds it difficult to force himself to do exercises in the morning, let alone children – you need to try hard to accustom your child to this useful ritual. Motivation is essential here.

Where to look for this motivation, and how to lure the child to exercise so that the child will be happy with it?

  • The main rule is to do exercises all together! Well, if dad categorically refuses, then mom should definitely participate in this process.
  • We turn on cheerful and cheerful music. Exercising in silence is boring even for an adult. Let the child choose the music!
  • We are looking for an incentive in each specific case. For example, a beautiful fit figure to the envy of everyone can become an incentive for a girl, and a muscle relief, which he can be proud of, can become an incentive for a boy. Weight loss will be no less incentive if the child is overweight.
  • We are looking for those who can be imitated. We do not create idols (!), But we are looking for a role model. Naturally, we are looking for him not among bloggers and bloggers with beautiful bodies and emptiness in their heads, but among athletes or heroes of films / films that a child loves.
  • You need charging to get stronger. And you need to be strong (strong) in order to protect your younger brother (sister).
  • In addition to 5 exercises for warming up muscles, you need to choose another 5-7 exercises for direct charging. More is not needed for this age, and the workout itself should take no more than 20 minutes (twice a day). But it is important to regularly change the set of exercises so that the child does not get bored! Therefore, immediately make a large list of exercises, from which you will pull out 5-7 new ones for every 2-3 days.
  • We talk with the child more often about health.: why exercise is so important, what it gives, what happens to the body without physical activity, and so on. We are looking for themed films and cartoons, which we watch, of course, with the child. We often watch films in which young athletes achieve success – often it is such films that become powerful motivators for a child to enter the world of sports.
  • Give your child a sports corner in the room… Let him have personal bars and rings, a Swedish machine tool, a fitball, a horizontal bar, children’s dumbbells and other equipment. As a reward for every month of training, make a trip to a trampoline center, play climbing or any other sport-attraction. The best home sports facilities for children
  • Use to encourage your child to recharge their own addictions… For example, if the child loves the ball, consider a set of exercises with the ball. Loves the uneven bars – exercise on the children’s playground. Etc.

Video: Fun exercises for a child

Remember that it is impossible to drive a child to exercise, as to hard labor. It is important that he himself wants to study with you. Therefore, first of all, we demonstrate the importance of charging by our own example.

Children at this age are already excellent at thinking and analyzing, and if you constantly lie on the sofa, growing a belly, then you simply cannot get the child to practice – a personal example is more effective than all other methods.

The website thanks you for your attention to the article – we hope it was useful to you. Please share your feedback and advice with our readers!

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