Are perfume and eau de toilette testers better than the original? When should you buy a tester?

Perfume testers or perfume – which to choose? We asked this question to the beauty experts of Colady magazine.

In today’s perfumery market there are many options for aromatic products – a wide variety of types of colognes, perfumes, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, refreshing water, deodorants, testers. There is even a perfume with pheromones. If the full-fledged samples of the original perfume are always enclosed in different in volume, but rather weighty bottles, then the testers look much more modest and smaller against their background. Today we will find out if the testers differ from the full-fledged versions of perfumes and eau de toilette in quality.

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What is a tester? Distinctive features of the perfume tester

A tester (popularly – a “sampler”) is a variant of the original perfume, not intended for sale, but created to demonstrate this perfume to a circle of consumers for advertising purposes. With the help of the tester, anyone can familiarize themselves with the scent without resorting to buying a full-fledged version of perfume or eau de toilette (which may not be suitable for a specific consumer without a sample).

Initially, testers were not really intended for sale – they were displayed in perfumery departments and stores for marketing purposes, to familiarize buyers with the products presented in them. Testers can be intended for gifts for a purchase, as additional bonuses to customers for their activity, or for various store promotions.

It is prohibited to sell testers in stores, this entails very serious sanctions, up to a complete breakdown of business relations between the company and the distributor. But enterprising sellers of online stores, as well as smaller outlets selling perfumery products, began to sell testers, on this basis, disputes arose as to which is better – testers or an original perfume, whether there are these differences at all, or is it just another perfume myth.

Typically, a perfume tester has a very small volume, packaged in a small bottle and a fairly simple box. A perfume bottle may resemble the original bottle in shape, but is of inferior quality.

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How to tell if you are buying a tester

Perfume tester signs:

  1. The packaging of the tester is simpler than the full version of the perfume. The shape, packaging of the original bottle is better and more beautiful.
  2. The tester bottle is most often screwed on with a simple cap, or has a spray arm with a simple plastic cap.
  3. The tester is missing the original cap.
  4. On the base of the neck or spray of the tester there is always the inscription DEMONSTRATION TESTER, which indicates that this version is a sample of the perfume, and not its full version.
  5. The tester bottle is never hermetically sealed.
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Perfume testers and full-fledged versions of the original perfume – comparison

Perfume is the most sophisticated and expensive type of perfumery. As a rule, perfumes are available in small bottles of 7 or 15 ml. The original perfume contains extracts, perfume oils, natural ingredients, which give this product the durability of the aroma and dictate its high cost.

As a rule, the original versions of perfumes do not have a spray bottle, and are applied by drip with a finger or a lid to the skin and clothes. Perfume testers are miniature bottles that contain the original composition of these perfumes.

The perfume testers, which contain the original perfume, are produced in very small, miniature bottles – do not forget that this product is very expensive. A buyer who is interested in a perfume tester should be alerted by the low price of the product, in comparison with the original bottle of perfume – there is a high probability of acquiring a fake in the form of a tester.
By the way, recently, testers of original perfumes in sealed paper packages have become widespread – they can be found in glossy magazines, or received as a bonus for a purchase in some stores.

Eau de toilette testers and originals

Eau de toilette is most commonly found in perfume stores and is less expensive than real perfume. The fragrance longevity of eau de toilette is also lower, but there are still samples of eau de toilette with amazingly persistent aromas – it depends, first of all, on the brand of the product.

Eau de toilette needs to be consumed more than perfume, and therefore it is available in larger bottles – 30, 50, 75, 100 ml. Eau de toilette samples can be found in all shops selling fragrant products, their volume is slightly less than the volume of the original eau de toilette bottles.

There are also testers of large volumes of eau de toilette – just like the original versions of the perfume. In this case, the tester can be distinguished by the absence or simpler packaging and the absence of a branded cap.

Are the perfume testers different from the original? Myths and reality

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In the overwhelming majority of cases, a buyer purchasing a tester for himself can be absolutely calm, since the tester contains original products, but at a more attractive price.

Large, serious manufacturers that produce perfumes and eau de toilette also produce testers in parallel with the main products – for marketing campaigns, advertising and product presentation to customers. The distributor is obliged to purchase perfume testers with the main batch of goods. They are placed in a container in goods without original boxes, but only in technical covers that prevent them from breaking during transportation. In the store, these testers are displayed on the shelves with products.

There are two persistent myths that are not the real state of affairs in the perfume world.

Myth # 1: Perfumes and eau de toilette in the tester are absolutely unstable; they have a lower quality than the full-fledged version of eau de toilette or perfume.

Reality: Perfumes and eau de toilette, which are produced by the manufacturer of this perfume, are always real versions of the product, but in a miniature version of the sample bottle. A manufacturer of perfumes and eau de toilette is always interested in ensuring that the buyer can evaluate not only the perfume composition of the product, but also the durability, therefore, it always produces testers whose contents are not at all lower in quality than the original full-fledged versions of this product.

Myth number 2: Better quality products are produced in testers than in the original versions – this is due to a marketing move to attract the interest of potential buyers to purchase full-fledged versions of the product.

Reality. Without a doubt, no self-respecting perfume company will risk its image by releasing products of various quality in testers and full-weight packages. It is simply unprofitable for perfumery manufacturers to arrange parallel production to produce testers of excellent quality, therefore all products are packaged, as they say, “from one pot.” Another thing is that testers rarely fake, but full-fledged versions of perfumes and eau de toilette – very often. Hence, apparently, this myth was born, when a fragrant product tested by a customer in testers did not at all correspond to the full version of perfume or eau de toilette bought in a dubious store or in an online store with a dubious reputation.

All indicators of perfume or eau de toilette testers – durability, perfume composition – are exactly the same as in the original version of the product.

When is it profitable to buy a perfume tester? Tester benefits

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Despite the fact that perfume testers contain real perfumery products, you should not purchase this version of perfume for a gift to anyone – it is considered a sign of bad taste. For your own use, you can also purchase a tester, moreover, in some cases it will be beneficial and justified.
So, in what cases can buying a tester be timely and successful?

  • If you want to buy your favorite perfume for less money.
  • If the simpler packaging design of the tester does not really matter to you.
  • If you need a small volume of perfume in a small bottle, which you can take to your small purse when traveling.
  • If you want to take a closer look at the scent you like, “wearing” it on yourself for a while, before buying the full version of the perfume.
  • If you use this perfume very often.

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