At what age is a woman entitled to revealing outfits

The modern world provides a woman with almost complete freedom of choice in terms of clothing and appearance. She can follow trends or ignore them, dress with restraint or openness, focus on her age and status, or discard these factors.

However, freedom of choice often puts us in a difficult position and creates dilemmas. For instance, Is it permissible for a married lady to wear revealing outfits? Two Colady experts tried to answer this question, voicing female and male views.

Is it permissible for a married woman to wear revealing outfits - expert opinion
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Stylist, blogger, expert of Colady magazine Yulia Klyukvina

Julia Klyukvina

Until relatively recently, according to historical standards, it was possible to accurately determine the social status of a woman by her appearance.

Society had very strict requirements governing how a married and unmarried woman should look, with what details to emphasize her position, and what to convey to others through clothing. And even after the fall of the patriarchal system, for a long time, women observed the unspoken dress code of a married lady.

But in the 21st century, the attitude towards female appearance has changed a lot. The growing influence of feminism in society, on the one hand, and the tendency towards emancipation, on the other, have led to the fact that many conventional boundaries in clothes have been erased and what was previously considered unacceptable has become normal and commonplace.

Fashion 2000 illustrates the changes in the modern world especially well: restrained ladies were replaced by impudent, sometimes shocking and almost always provocatively dressed girls.

The attitude towards female beauty has become more loyal from the point of view that ladies have the opportunity to manage their attractiveness themselves: female beauty has ceased to belong to their husbands, and sexuality has ceased to be taboo.

Self-reliance and independence, both outside of marriage and in marriage, allowed girls to determine for themselves how they look and what to wear.

Another nuance: a reassessment of roles in society. The perception of various hypostases (mother, wife, grandmother) has become more flexible, democratic, women have the opportunity to combine various roles, create new images, while not violating moral norms.

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For whom does the modern woman dress?

A modern mother or wife is no longer obliged to be only a submissive keeper of the hearth. She has the right to play the role of a tough careerist in the office and a charming beauty at an event. The modern granny can go on a date in a pretty, form-fitting dress.

In the 21st century, deep cleavage and mini are no longer the prerogative of unmarried girls, and marriage does not mean a taboo for attractive outfits. In general, these phenomena can be assessed positively or negatively, but society is steadily changing, and now modern women, including married women, have the right to look seductive.

Is it permissible for a married woman to wear revealing outfits - expert opinion
Photo @negin_mirsalehi

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Unfortunately, many (both men and women) are still sure that any outfit that is even a little frank automatically means the status of the so-called “active search” and signals to men that the lady is looking for a gentleman. This is a huge misconception.

A woman has the right to dress in a certain way, not because she pursues some goal, but exclusively for herself. A miniskirt or a deep neckline may not mean absolutely anything, but simply be part of the image of a particular fashionista. And what others think should remain with them.

As for husbands, whose companions love to demonstrate their beauty, they must first of all understand that their ladies dress for themselves (and, possibly, for them), and not in order to attract the attention of all members of the opposite sex. Therefore, jealousy and irritation are simply inappropriate here.

Any woman wants to look beautiful first of all in her own eyes, and it is pointless to forbid her. And if you perceive everything through the prism of possible betrayal, then this is already a matter of trust in your family, and not clothes.

Is it permissible for a married woman to wear revealing outfits - expert opinion
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Nutritionist, teacher, expert of Colady magazine Sergey Ashmanov


For what or for whom does a married woman dress beautifully? Most likely for her husband. Why does she dress openly? Most will say – for themselves. From the point of view of a woman, this is certainly so. Perhaps she wants to be cocky, vulgar; maybe she wants to feel some kind of freedom or something like that. I will not argue, because this is their point of view.

I, as a man, have my own opinion on this matter. I believe that if a married woman dresses openly, it means that either her husband allows her to dress like that, or she dresses in such a way as to look spectacular and accessible to other males.

I do not argue that many unmarried girls dress in such a way as to really attract the attention of men. Like, “What am I, in vain or what, went to the gym?”… They want to take pleasure in being devoured by their eyes; to be noticed; to be thought of: “What a fine fellow, he looks after himself! Sports “.

On the other hand, not everyone does this, but many do. Therefore, if you dress candidly, then do not take my words to heart. This is my man’s opinion.

In addition, the concept of frankness is very flexible:

  • What kind of outfit can be called revealing?
  • Where did these norms come from?
  • If a girl wears a skirt up to her knees, can this be considered a revealing outfit?
  • Or a short dress, a sundress?
  • And if the blouse is transparent?

We have such norms here, but in Saudi Arabia, I assure you, they would not pat you on the head for that.

Is it permissible for a married woman to wear revealing outfits - expert opinion
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Among the Slavs, for example, before, all women wore floor-length dresses, and their hair was always tied up in a braid. It was believed that if a woman has her hair down, she looks for a man for herself, since her hair down has a tremendous flow of energy.

And if this woman was married, then she wasted the energy of her husband by walking with her hair down. This, by the way, is about hair, but in general the essence was similar in the outfits worn by the woman.

In general, now I often hear from young people and not only how they condemn girls in revealing outfits. Like, “And then they complain that they are being harassed”

Men can also be understood, because not all of them have a moral perception of the world. Most act instinctively: they saw bare legs or hips, and that’s it … blows the roof off. Different images appear in my thoughts and they cannot “take my eyes off”.

Usually such men swear because they cannot control themselves. But, dear women, you should not think that it is so easy – not to look at beautiful female forms. Therefore, you should understand those men, and men should understand women.

Returning to the question of married women who wear revealing outfits, I will say that this is her own business and if a woman wants to wear short shorts or a top, then let her wear it.

Of course, you shouldn’t exaggerate and dress like a woman with a low level of social responsibility. There should be a measure in everything, which you form with your moral education.

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