Beauty calendar from 20 years old – skin care of the face and yourself, procedures by a beautician

Personal care calendar for girls 20-24 years oldGirls 20-24 years old can plan their self-care according to our beauty calendar. This is a wonderful age when the skin is still young, but its owner has already matured and knows how to take care of it. Mindfulness and regularity are the main secrets of leaving at this time.

Special care is not yet required due to the natural activity of the cells. But you should not relax either: after 20 years, the growth of the body completely stops. What happens to the mountain when it is fully formed? The process of its destruction begins.

The content of the article:

  1. What does the skin need after 20 years?
  2. Daily care: 3 cosmetic kit
  3. Should I run to the salon for procedures at 23?
  4. Supplementing your personal beauty calendar
  5. How to choose a care product?

What does the skin need after 20 years?

In cosmetology, 21 years are considered to be a turning point: from here, experts give a countdown to the beginning of aging.

Don’t panic, beauties! There are no external manifestations yet. And how long they will not let know about themselves depends on various factors: external and created by us.

What conclusion do we draw? That, if not everything, then a lot is in our hands.

We cannot cancel external factors, but this does not prevent us from learning how to deal with them.

Personal care calendar for girls 20-24 years old

The first common truth: we do not complain about the harmful effects of the sun, but we include it in our arsenal cream with necessary SPF – and we continue to enjoy life.

To purify the air, too, is beyond any of us. But minimize exposure to exhaust and dust you can try.

Well, girls, many factors are completely up to us. Raise your hand, who eats wrong here, smokes, sins with too active facial expressions, often relaxes with a glass? Add to this the wrong care – and sign – get: age spots, early wrinkles, thickening of the epidermis.

Daily care: 3 cosmetic kit and a little kitten

The beauty calendar at any age includes daily procedures for cleansing, toning, moisturizing and protecting. Plus periodic extra grooming and exfoliation.

1. Purification

In the morning and in the evening, regardless of the presence of a make-up!

Speaking of makeup: everyone remembers that washing and make-up removal are different non-interchangeable procedures? If you’ve used foundation, powder, and other makeup products, regular cleansers won’t work.

First, we remove makeup with a special tool, then we wash. As a last resort, we wash our face twice: the first part of the cleanser removes makeup, then we cleanse the face of impurities.

Personal care calendar for girls 20-24 years old

The experience of a huge number of girls shows that it is not easy to find “your” cleanser. Especially if the skin is capricious and problematic. The first signal from the skin that the “wash” is not suitable is a feeling of tightness and dryness after use, you want to quickly apply the cream. One of the reasons for such discomfort may be the poor composition of the product (more on this in the first part of the calendar).

The ideal option is a specialist-selected care from a professional series. At 20-24 years old it should be delicate cleansing (milk or gel without SLS with minimal composition, for example from Algologie or Hydropeptide).

For problem skin, in addition to cleansing, the beautician can include active care in the form of acids and retinol in the evening program.

An express test will help you: you cleansed the skin with your own product and forgot to apply the cream, but the skin “did not notice”? Everything is super: the product is perfect for you!

2. Toning

To be a tonic! Brush aside any pseudo-arguments that this is useless liquid, waste, etc.

There is also the other extreme: some exaggerate its importance so much that they substitute it for a cleanser.

Let’s figure it out: the toner removes makeup and impurities, refreshes, evens out the pH balance and tightens pores. Ideally, it is necessary after every skin contact with water

3. Moisturizing

Ignoring this step in facial care leads to the first wrinkles in the eye area and a dull complexion. Lack of moisture deprives the skin of its natural defenses.

And – a little nuance: the need for evening skin moisturizing is an individual question. An experienced beautician will determine if your skin needs it.

Someone will benefit from a night cream, but someone’s skin will make life difficult.

It is no coincidence that professional lines in the recommendations for use contain the phrase “use 1-2 times a day” – one for someone, two for someone.

After 20 years, we add to the care gel (not cream!) for eyelids… This remedy will remove puffiness and circles under the eyes, eliminate signs of fatigue and work for the long term to prolong the youthfulness of the skin.

4. Protection

Do not forget about SPF products and additional protection of the skin in winter.

Should I run to the salon for procedures at 23?

You don’t need to run. But it’s worth going.

Yes, yes, they turn to a beautician not only for beauty injections. Consultation, determination of skin type, selection of care is not an overkill.

As for the procedures, young skin does not need them (if it is not problematic). You can please yourself massage from a professional, moisturizing mask… To heal and saturate the skin with minerals by using masks with seaweed or minerals.

Personal care calendar for girls 20-24 years old

To get additional clients, cosmetologists offer facial cleansing to almost everyone. There is no consensus among experts about the undoubted benefits of this procedure for any girl.

The fact is that the technology allows exposure to the skin for no longer than 12 minutes. This time is not enough for heavily polluted skin.

There are two ways out: either the procedure is not completely performed (then what is the point of it?), Or to allow a violation of the barrier function of the skin (which will subsequently lead to a decrease in its immunity).

Nice alternative – Regular use of Sothys Desquacream.

It will be appropriate ultrasonic cleaning before a gala event or a trip to the sea.

Supplementing your personal beauty calendar

We offer a must have beauty list with little tricks that will do a great job for your appearance:

  • The famous Moidodyr was a kind of uncle, but he was right about one thing: wash off makeup before bed – NECESSARILY!
  • Once a week process the eyebrows soft raspberry-lingonberry scrub Pure Line.
  • Lips will love this gentle exfoliation: Massage them from time to time with a mixture of honey, sugar and a few drops of coconut oil.Personal care calendar for girls 20-24 years old
  • Masochki we begin to do it not when it is simply impossible not to do it, but regularly, 2 times a week.
  • We share lSummer and winter care
  • Recommendations for use on care products They are not written to provide jobs for the compilers of instructions, but so that you, beauties, can get the most out of each jar. No amateur performances!
  • Skin needs hydration… Imagine, arms, legs, back – this is also skin! Is body cream already on your dressing table? Air conditioner from Nivea – efficient and budgetary!
  • O the benefits of charging you can talk for a long time. Gymnastics for the face, your beauty calendar in 20-24 years may not yet include, but it’s time to instill a habit.
  • We pass by anti-aging cosmetics.
  • Dosage… The use of a large amount of funds does not accelerate the effect or solution of the problem, but increases the expense.
  • Return the baby cream to the children! You have a completely different PH.

Body and hair care, hygiene, exercise and healthy eating are still relevant.

Due to your age, you are still fit, but it is already a good time to remember about the upcoming motherhood. Therefore, in training, pay special attention to the press: in the hospital you will be grateful to your muscles.

How to choose a care product?

During adolescence, the condition of the skin is highly dependent on hormonal processes. But at the age of 20, the skin manifests itself more consistently. Now is the time to get a good look at her type and find the appropriate care.

Do not grab all the jars that have your age indicated on the shelves. The selection of care is a very delicate and strictly individual thing. The perfect cream for your age is not a universal magic wand.

Besides age, there are many other characteristics that matter when choosing skin care products.

While the skin is young, inappropriate care may not be immediately noticeable with negative results. For a while, the skin will tolerate experiments – and, perhaps, will not show that it is suffering incredibly. Subsequently, working on errors will take a lot of time and money.

Skin at 24 should focus on fortification and antioxidant formulas

Personal care calendar for girls 20-24 years old

If you realized on your own, or learned from a specialist that your skin is dry, make it a rule to alternate its hydration with nutrition. A couple of times a week, dry skin can be softened and soothed by adding cosmetic oil to your night care. It is an excellent conductor for active substances.

Important! Dry and dehydrated skin are not the same thing. This kind of confusion leads to inappropriate grooming that harms your face.

Enlarged pores and dry skin indicate that the skin type is oily or combination, but it is dehydrated. This is where an ultra-moisturizing light cream comes to the rescue. Hydra from Sothys.

Oily to combination skin can and should be moisturized… Excess sebum does not cancel out the need for water.

Mass market or pro?

Having studied the needs of our skin, we ask ourselves – where can we buy all this?

Let’s consider the main options:

  1. Funds from the nearest store. Their advantages are their low cost. But, due to the low concentration of active substances, the consumption of the product is high. The price includes marketing and advertising costs. When creating mass-market products, scientific developments and high manufacturing technologies are not used.
  2. Natural cosmetic – not a bad option if it is a factory package. Do not buy hand-made cosmetic products from unverified wizards.
  3. Korean cosmetics (Tony Moly, Mizon) created for Asian women, so for our type of appearance it does not work for the future. If you don’t think about tomorrow, you can use it, the quality is good.
  4. Luxury cosmetics (Chanel, Dior) may not differ in quality from the mass market, but you need to pay for expensive, beautiful packaging and brand. An instant effect is achieved due to silicones in the composition – accordingly, there will be no long-term effect, only at the time of use.
  5. Professional cosmetics created by cosmetologists, chemists, technologists. These are “smart” tools that are not intended to be purchased independently. The specialist will find out everything about your skin – and will select what, how and with what to combine.

What’s new from our article add to your personal beauty calendar? Share in the comments!

And be beautiful, and we will help!

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