How zodiac signs behave when they are secretly in love

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings that a person can have. Honestly, until you love with all your heart, you will not be able to feel the true essence, value and beauty of the life given to you. According to astrologers, the zodiac sign determines not only our personal qualities and compatibility with partners, but also how we behave when we fall in love, but are afraid to reveal our feelings.



Aries will not hesitate and hide if he is interested in a person. He will calmly get to know him and try to get as much information as possible about him. Aries is open about his intentions and always gives voice to what he wants. And first, he wants to communicate with his chosen one and spend time with him in order to understand himself and his own feelings.


Taurus tend to hide in a burrow because they are afraid to appear vulnerable. The chosen one of Taurus will receive from him some contradictory and ambiguous signals: at one moment Taurus will be gentle and attentive, and the next – closed and closed. Until this sign makes sure that you can be trusted, his line of behavior will be just that.


Gemini’s feelings are obvious and you can’t help but notice. At first, Gemini may even seem a little aggressive, but they just do not want to delay and prefer to immediately start the process of conquest. They are happy to spend more time with you, so you will immediately notice their interest in you.



Once in the web of love, Cancer freezes with fear, so he tends to be careful in his feelings and fear that he will be offended. This is the most sensitive and vulnerable sign of all, therefore, he will become silent and hide. However, Cancer is so overwhelmed with emotions that he will do anything to make his chosen one happy.

a lion

Leos are pretty stubborn about their feelings. If a Leo falls in love, he becomes extremely straightforward. He clearly states his intentions and begins to court the person he likes. Leo is assertive, and he is ready to act, not wait for an opportunity.


Virgo never lays out all the cards on the table. If she falls in love, then most likely at first she will pretend that she does not care about you. Virgo always analyzes and checks everything before making the next move. The more uninterested she seems, the more she likes you.



Libra thinks too much. They must weigh the pros and cons, and only then open their hearts to the chosen one. Libras don’t want to be disappointed, so they are extremely careful. They are very nervous at first, but as soon as they are confident in their feelings, they will immediately take action.


This sign is wildly afraid that he may not interest the object of his passion. So he will behave strangely and play a lot of roles so that no one will suspect him of true feelings. If the chosen one ignores Scorpio, then he backs down, resigns himself and does not want to achieve his goal.


A Sagittarius in love will seem obsessive, as he wants to spend every minute of his time with you and explore the world with you. Sometimes it may even seem that Sagittarius is becoming too much in your life, but this is how he tries to find out more about the person he loves.



Capricorns always make long-term plans. So, if this sign falls in love, then immediately begins to think for the future. First of all, Capricorn will ask you about your goals, because he will not waste time on relationships that have no future. The more actively Capricorn asks you about your plans, the more interesting you are to him.


Love is not his priority in life, but he is also capable of falling in love. So, if Aquarius is eager to spend time with you, then you have hooked him with something. He is very serious in his intentions, wants understanding and clarity in the relationship, and also expects mutual interest and respect from you.


When Pisces is in love, they lose themselves. They begin to pour out their love through poetry, songs, or any other form of creative expression. At first, Pisces is a little afraid of the influx of emotions, but then they will do everything so that you know how they are feeling. Pisces just love the state of being in love, and they don’t want to hide it.

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