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EyeshadowAlmost every woman uses eyeshadows, because with their help you can make your eyes spectacular. Shadows come in different structures: liquid, compact, creamy and crumbly, and it will not be difficult to choose the most suitable ones today. In addition, they are divided into two types: matte and pearlescent, currently the choice is huge. Shadows are an important component of any makeup, they emphasize the eyes and give them the desired shade, visually enlarge or diminish them. And if you want to choose a quality product, pay attention to the TOP-4 of the best eyeshadows.

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Choosing shadows
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MAVALA: “Ombres Soyeuses Abricot”

This product from a Swiss manufacturer is distinguished by a wide range of colors and an optimal price. The eyeshadow has a pleasant creamy structure that gives the eyelids a spectacular shine and additionally moisturizes them. The packaging of the product looks like a tube of lip gloss, which is important for liquid eyeshadows.

Ombres Soyeuses Abricot

It is easy to apply, the eyes feel comfortable, and the entire palette consists of 16 persistent, deep and juicy shades for every taste. You can easily choose any color, both for everyday and evening make-up.

The eyeshadow fits perfectly on the eyelids after the first application and lasts for a long time.

Cons: newbies using liquid eyeshadow for the first time need to get used to it.

NOUBA: “Quattro Eyeshadow Mat”

The Italian company has developed a very easy-to-use cosmetic product: a compact eye shadow in the form of a palette with two brushes and a protective cap.

The set consists of four shades, and the general color gamut is very extensive, so it will not be difficult to find the right colors.

Quattro Eyeshadow Mat

These are matte eyeshadows that are perfect for oily eyelids – they do not require additional moisture and last for a very long time. The eyeshadow is hypoallergenic and wear-resistant, does not shine, has a delicate structure, easy and simple to apply. Considered to be the best matte shade possible.

Cons: the cost is quite high, not all girls can afford them.

Maybelline: “Eye Studio Color Tattoo”

This product from a well-known American manufacturer is presented in a wide range of colors, its main advantages are easy uniform application, durability for the whole day and a fairly low cost.

The shadows fit perfectly on the eyelids, do not spread and do not roll in folds. And although this tool is included in the rating of budget shadows, in quality it is in no way inferior to more expensive counterparts.

Eye studio color tattoo

Their advantage can also be attributed to the fact that this product is capable of masking mimic wrinkles, which is very important for many women. Excellent quality for a reasonable price!

Cons: the only drawback is the rapid drying of the shadows.

MAC: “Pigment”

This product from an American company is very popular among makeup artists, as it is a multifunctional eyelid remedy. It is produced in many countries (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, etc.) and is famous for its high durability.

The shadows are placed in a small jar and are used very sparingly. From the eyelids, the product does not crumble, does not roll and does not lose its color for a long time.


A wide palette allows you to choose any shade to your liking. Make-up artists claim that these shadows will help to achieve the perfect look, fit perfectly and hide all the flaws.

Cons: the jar is not very reliable, shadows can easily fall out of it.

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