Best makeup brushes – TOP 4 according to Colady

Best makeup brushesTo create high-quality makeup, cosmetics alone are not enough. An important role is played by a correctly selected brush, with the help of which powder, shadows, blush and even tonal base are applied. What should be considered when choosing?

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This, of course, is the type of brush, the material, the quality of the pile, the shape of the pad, the size of the handle and the purpose. After all, with a brush of one type, you cannot completely apply all the makeup. For example, use a large, wide brush for powder and blush, and a thinner brush for eyeshadow.

In fact, all brushes can be divided into two types: small and voluminous. The main thing is that the pile is soft and dense, and made of high-quality materials: all the villi should be silky and smooth. If the “hairs” fall out, it is a poor quality product. We invite you to pay attention to this TOP-4 of the best makeup brushes.

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Zinger SB1004

Made from incredibly soft nylon fiber, this budget-friendly German-made brush has a beautifully shaped handle and a comfortable size.

This brush is designed for applying cosmetics to the eyelids, it is famous for its high-quality bristles and comfortable use. During the makeup procedure, the brush does not slip in the hands, with its help the shadows fit well on the eyelids.

Zinger SB1004

It is not included in the segment of professional brushes, but it is very good as a budget make-up accessory. It is small, compact and fits easily into a cosmetic bag. Plus – a low price category.

Of the minuses: the villi do not wash off very well and dry for a long time.

Dewal BR-508

This brush, which also belongs to the category of inexpensive makeup accessories, is one of the leaders among the many similar products on offer.

It is designed for applying powder, but it is also suitable for blush. It is famous for its long service life, with its help, cosmetics can be applied very economically – due to the fact that the powder (or blush) is fixed on the skin immediately, does not crumble or smear.

Dewal BR-508

The brush is made by hand, the bristles are very soft and dense, made of natural materials. The optimal price of the accessory will also delight customers.

Cons: excessively thick handle, the pile is not washed very well.

Shik 50E

Russian manufacturers also keep up with foreign competitors. This brush is a versatile accessory designed to apply makeup not only on the eyelids, but also on the eyelashes.

Thanks to the fan-shaped brush, every corner of the skin and every lash is painted over, preventing smudging and sticking. The comfortable bristles are made of raccoon wool, so they don’t wear out for a long time.

Shik 50E

Its structure is optimal for the skin, not hard or too soft, and quite dense. The bristles of the brush have the ideal length and the handle is compact. The brush is worthy of a place in a cosmetic bag.

Of the minuses: over time, the bristles get disheveled, the cost of the brush is above average.

Real Techniques: “Bold Metals Collection”

One of the most popular makeup accessories is the British manufacturer’s brushes used by makeup artists around the world. This is due to the fact that the pile is made of a very soft material, albeit unnatural, but of very high quality.

The brush is designed for applying blush, but it can also be used to blend eyeshadow.

Bold Metals Collection

The bristles are made in such a way that very economically “clings” cosmetics, thanks to which the shades fit perfectly on the skin. Plus – a comfortable rubberized base, aluminum handle and low cost.

Of the minuses: due to the white color of the villi, the brush is poorly washed.

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