9 ways to respond to an insult in a funny way

And people face insults every day. The saleswoman in the store is out of sorts today and decided to be rude to customers or an obvious ill-wisher decided to let off some steam. Unfortunately, in most cases, we don’t know how to respond to insults. A great answer comes after a while and everyone thinks that if he answered like this, he would put the bully in his place.

How funny it is to respond to an insult

The main rule in any dispute will be keeping calm… By insulting, the interlocutor tries to piss you off. And if he succeeds, then the victory will be credited to him. The best tactic in war of words is calm tone and irony in the responses.

Everything is better prepares in advance… Therefore, it will be useful to stock up on proven methods of how to respond to insults.

You can confuse the interlocutor with one phrase. This is useful if you don’t want to get involved in a pointless argument.

In this case, it is better to know what to say in advance:

  • “A weak attempt, maybe rudeness is not yours after all?”
  • “Do you always have such a poor fantasy or is today a bad day?”

After such phrases, the interlocutor will be discouraged. With his insults, he clearly tried to evoke emotions, but not joyful ones. At the moment of his confusion, you can calmly turn around and leave, this dialogue is over.

An excellent ending to a dispute and insults is to turn the topic into a joke. Especially if this person is your friend and you really don’t want to quarrel over trifles. Perhaps insults are not peculiar to him and answering them, you will only aggravate the situation.

How to respond to insults with humor

If such a situation arises and a loved one switched to insults. It is better not to answer them, but to figure out what is the reason for this behavior… Surely something happened to him or YOU somehow touched him. Here you need to calm down and find out what happened. It often helps to ignore if the person is quick-tempered and can start out of the blue. In an hour he will come to his senses and ask for forgiveness, and also thank you that you did not react to his mood.

Ignoring Is a separate art of introducing war of words. It was this that saved a large number of nerve cells. But such tactics will infuriate the interlocutor.

If you do not support the dispute, then you cannot lose in it. And by your behavior, you will show that you are above such methods of dialogue. If just being silent is not an option, you can use phrases. Thus, you will not only give a funny answer to the insult, but also show that the words of the interlocutor do not catch you.

  • “Do you really think I’m interested in your opinion?”
  • “Why are you telling me this?”

Fantasy has always been a strong argument. Moreover, it is limitless and extends not only to the response, but also to the behavior.

For example, imagine that the interlocutor is dressed in a clown outfit or insults you in only panties.
Imagine a clown
Now his words will not offend, rather it will become funny from this whole situation. To all this, you can choose the appropriate answer.

  • “Have you studied to be a clown before? How well you work with the public! “
  • “Before you say anything to me, you would have checked your underwear, it seems they have not been washed.”

To show that the words of the interlocutor do not offend you, you can just laugh it off. Thus, you will clearly be above all these disputes and insults.

  • “Listen, how do you manage to come up with nasty things so quickly? Or have you been preparing all night? “
  • “Do I look like a dentist? Then please close your mouth. “
  • “Didn’t you scare Babayka in your childhood?”

But it’s worth knowing when jokes in response to insults are really appropriate. So, you should not show in this way that you are smarter if you communicate with your boss. Most likely, he will not appreciate your sense of humor and will have to answer for his words up to and including dismissal.

No need conduct disputes and support insults if the interlocutor is drunk. Any of your words will be perceived negatively and the dialogue may end in a fight.

The best way to end any dispute is not to support it.

Make up with a colleague

Need to understandwhen the insults are really on the case and it is better to admit your mistake, and when the interlocutor wants to throw out his anger on the one who is nearby. Then, don’t add fuel to the fire!

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