Birthday Signs You Should Know and Follow

Birthday is the most significant holiday in a person’s life. It symbolizes not only the coming of the soul into the world, but also changes in fate. If you follow the signs on your birthday, you can bring good luck, wealth and personal happiness into life, as well as protect yourself from the negative effects of dark forces. In this article, you will find out what you can and cannot do for the holiday.

Correct behavior of a birthday boy

What is the right way to behave on the eve and during the holiday, so that the next year will bring grace? Listen to the birthday signs listed below. They are backed up by popular wisdom and time-tested.

Positive attitude

As soon as you wake up and get out of bed, think of something good. Positive thoughts during the holiday will attract happy circumstances into your life. Invite only those people you trust to the celebration.

positive attitude

Attention! Birthday weather is a separate topic of customs and signs. The bright sun or light mushroom rain promises the birthday man happiness, the downpour – getting rid of negative emotions, rainbow – luck, strong wind – cardinal changes in business. But a thunderstorm is a bad sign. She portends a life full of anxiety.

Gifts for guests

Old folk signs for a birthday say that the birthday person should not only accept gifts, but also reciprocate the guests. It is not necessary to give expensive items. Women can be given samples of perfume or souvenirs, men – lighters, and children – sweets. Fate favors generous people with a good heart.

Important! However, there are also bad birthday omens associated with generosity. For example, on this holiday you cannot lend money or give alms. There is a risk of losing health and wealth.

Gifts for guests

Stretching for the ears

Signs about ear-stretching for a birthday did not arise from scratch. Take your time to brush off guests. Many peoples associate long ears with longevity. Allowing stretching is a surefire way to extend your life.

New outfit

What you need to do on the eve and on your birthday is to update your wardrobe – this is how folk signs say. At the holiday, you should look smart and tidy. Then positive changes will take place in your life.

Important! But you can’t change your outfit during the celebration. Otherwise, you can lose everything that you previously acquired. So try not to get dirty.

Money in your pocket

Do you want to have money for the next year? Then immediately after waking up, put your money in your pocket. Walk with them until the end of the celebration.

Money in your pocket

What is forbidden to do

During the holiday, the human energy field becomes especially sensitive to external influences. There are the following signs about what you can’t do on your birthday.

Celebrate ahead of time

For a long time, people believed that celebrating a birthday shortens life in advance. The birthday boy runs the risk of becoming seriously ill and even dying. But celebrating the main date after some time is not prohibited.

Bad numbers

Birthday signs say that a man cannot celebrate his 33rd birthday on a grand scale. This is the age of Christ. The figure symbolizes a turning point in the fate of a person. Entertainment for the 33rd anniversary can bring suffering on the birthday person, comparable to the torment of Christ.

According to the signs, on the 53rd birthday it is better for women not to celebrate. There is a rationale for such advice. At the age of 53, there is a serious hormonal change in the body, which negatively affects the woman’s mood. It is undesirable to celebrate the date in this state.

Important! Negative birthday numbers are the following: 9, 13, 18, 21, 51, 99, 100. You cannot put so many candles on the cake.

Pancakes on the table

Pancakes are memorial food. If you put them on a festive table, you can bring trouble on yourself or your relatives.

Pancakes on the table

Also, there are some signs about birthday products:

  1. In China – eat noodles for good luck;
  2. In Germany – eat a donut in order to bring happiness and longevity into life;
  3. In India – refuse to use salt to avoid trouble.

Also, do not forget about the birthday cake with candles. For the sake of fulfilling the desire, you can blow out the light both independently and with the help of guests.

Taking out the trash

Garbage collection during the celebration neutralizes the good wishes of the guests. If one of those present broke the dishes, collect the fragments in a bag and take them out of the house the next day. Then you will be lucky.

It’s useful to listen to birthday signs. After all, they set you up to expect pleasant changes in your life. You unconsciously begin to act for your own good, make more efforts to achieve goals and try not to get into confusing situations.

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