Best Makeup Removers

How to remove makeup? This question worries every woman. Ideally, find a product that, in addition to makeup remover, does not dry out the skin and does not cause an allergic reaction. To cleanse the skin of cosmetics, water and soap alone are not enough. Moreover, it is not recommended to use soap for delicate skin at all.

What makeup removers are there today, and how are they different? Dealing with the experts from Colady magazine.

Biphasic products for long-lasting cosmetics

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Two-phase make-up removers are used to remove super-permanent makeup. Given the presence of fatty and water bases in the composition, they require mandatory mixing. Typically, biphasic lotion has a spray bottle to make it easier to use.

Benefits of two-phase remedies:

  • High-quality cleansing of any type of skin.
  • Application for removing long-lasting cosmetics from eyes, lips and skin.
  • Simultaneous nourishment, softening of the skin, cleansing and moisturizing of the skin.

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According to reviews, the best makeup removers are milk, wipes, oil, mousse, lotion, and mycelial water. Which one to choose? Let’s take a look at the features of each remedy.

1. Cosmetic milk (cream) for makeup removal

A versatile, traditional remedy used by most women. It resembles milk and is suitable for dry, sensitive and mature skin. The milk contains fatty and vegetable components in its composition, making it easy to remove even waterproof cosmetics.

Benefits of cosmetic milk:

  • High-quality and gentle make-up removal.
  • No irritation.
  • Moisture supply to the upper layers of the skin.

2. Wipes for express-removal of cosmetics

New modern make-up remover. These wipes are usually impregnated with lotion, cream or toner and are suitable for daily use. Made from soft materials, more pleasant than cotton balls and discs. You can buy this makeup remover at any online store.

Benefits of using wipes:

  • Replacing the cleanser and saving time.
  • Ease of use on the road, travel and at home.
  • Delamination into fibers and adhesion to the skin is excluded.
  • Ideal for lens wearers.
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3. Oil for removing makeup

One of the traditional means for removing fat-containing cosmetics. It should be remembered: in addition to natural ingredients, the composition may contain mineral oil and petroleum jelly. That is, they are, of course, not suitable for long-term use – they can lead to side effects (clogged pores, allergies, etc.).

Advantage of Makeup Remover Oil: Quick and easy make-up removal.

4. Makeup remover mousse

The soft consistency of the product resembles a whipped cream. Suitable for dry skin. Disadvantage – suitable only for removing basic non-waterproof cosmetics.

Advantages of the make-up remover mousse:

  • Profitability. One drop of the product cleanses the face and neck, with good foaming.
  • Gentle action, does not dry out the skin.

5. Lotion to remove makeup

Rather finishing than the main tool. The lotion perfectly removes makeup residues, preparing the skin for a cream. The compositions are different, the most gentle lotions have no alcohol and fragrances in the compositions.

Benefits of the lotion for removing cosmetics from the skin of the face: The gentle choice for contact lens wearers.

By the way, you can use this makeup remover to remove makeup from eyes, lips, etc.

6. Micellar water for high-quality makeup remover

A new generation product with a special structure, colorless, odorless. Action of the product: micelles (molecules) trap particles polluting the skin and quickly remove them gently. The compositions are different, the choice should be determined by the individual characteristics of the skin.

Benefits of Micellar Water for Makeup Remover:

  • Gentle cleansing (especially for long-lasting cosmetics).
  • No rinsing with water required after use.
  • Ideal for people with skin conditions, sensitive skin and children.
  • Does not disturb the balance of the skin, does not contain alcohol, dyes and cleansing agents.
  • Combining high-quality skin care and cleansing, thanks to natural biologically active ingredients.
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7. Bactericidal cleansing emulsion for problem skin

Roughly the same as milk, only the purpose is to cleanse extremely oily problem skin. In the composition, the fat content is reduced, and special bactericidal additives are introduced.

8. Makeup remover toner

A remedy for removing conventional cosmetics, very outdated, but still not inferior to modern products. Ideal for removing eyeshadow, blush, powder, but alas, useless for waterproof mascara and other long-lasting cosmetics.

Benefits of a makeup remover tonic:

  • Lightness of consistency and refreshing effect
  • The basis is thermal water, without fragrances and dyes

9. Makeup remover gel, mousse and foam

These products are recommended for different skin types, taking into account their characteristics. For example, for oily and problematic – a product containing chamomile extract, glycerin or calendula. For the sensitive, with soothing supplements such as panthenol, azulene or bisabolol. For dry skin, the gel should not be used – it removes the lipid film from the skin along with cosmetics.

The disadvantage of these funds is the mandatory rinsing off after make-up remover.

10. Affordable home cosmetics for makeup remover

If you run out of professional removal tools, you can do with the helpers:

  • Olive oil… Application – with a cotton pad, removal – with a dry cloth.
  • Tear-free baby shampoo. Perfectly removes even waterproof mascara.
  • Powdered milk, dissolved in a proportion of one spoonful in a glass of water.

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