Review of the 5 Best Mobile Budgeting and Expense Tracking Apps

Saving money isn’t easy. It is always tempting to make a spontaneous purchase, have a cup of coffee and cake in a cafe, or spend half of your salary on a sale, becoming the owner of things that you are unlikely to wear.

However, there are applications that help you manage your family budget correctly.

Phone apps for a budget

1. Trash money

A very handy application that makes reports on both the total family budget and the expenses of each family member. The application recognizes messages from banks and counts them automatically, so you don’t have to do your own calculations.

2. Zen Mani

The whole family can use this app. It takes into account not only money spent from bank cards, but also electronic funds, as well as cryptocurrencies. The standard version of Zen-money is free, but for the extended version you will have to pay about 1300 a year. However, the application allows you to save much more, so installing the advanced version will be a completely reasonable option for people who do not know how to count money and do not understand where the salary disappears.

3. CoinKeeper

This small application can handle both the accounting of one family and the control of the finances of a small company. CoinKeeper is able to recognize SMS from 150 banks operating in Russia. You can also configure the program so that it reminds you to pay a loan installment or limits spending for a certain period of time.

4. Alzex Finance

This program is interesting in that it allows family members to reveal part of their spending to all users and hide those that, for one reason or another, should not be known to loved ones. Thanks to the convenient search system, you can separately view spending on large and small purchases and keep statistics.

Alzex Finance also makes it possible to set certain goals for yourself, for example, the accumulation of the required amount of money or the payment of a mortgage or loan.

5. Home bookkeeping

The application is designed to work with all world currencies, while two can be used simultaneously. The data is combined with an application installed on a personal computer. Each family member can protect information about their spending with a password.

The program takes into account spending, focusing on the notifications coming from banks, and makes detailed reports on all spent spending. There is a version of the application that is installed on a USB flash drive and can be opened on any computer. For the full version of “Home Bookkeeping” you will have to pay 1000 rubles a year.

Any of the listed applications can become your personal home accountant. Start with the free version and you’ll be amazed at how much money you can save!

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