legendary performance of “Lenkom” with Pevtsov

The first Soviet rock opera (for censorship reasons, renamed in the poster as “modern opera”; premiere in 1981) with an orchestra, synthesizers, Orthodox chants and an electronic beat – about the journey of Count Nikolai Rezanov to America in 1806 on the sailing ships Juno and Maybe “.


Director: Mark Zakharov
Actors: Dmitry Pevtsov, Semyon Shkalikov, Alexandra Volkova, Anna Zaikova, Sergei Piotrovsky, Alexey Skuratov, Gennady Trofimov, Ilya Trofimov, Stanislav Ryadinsky, Kirill Petrov, Svetlana Ilyukhina, Lyubov Matyushina, Victoria Solovyova, Sergei Dyachkovsky

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The plot of a touching love story based on true events

The middle-aged count, upon arrival, falls in love with the young daughter of the Governor of California, Conchita; the love story, composed on the basis of real historical events by Andrei Voznesensky, ends in the highest degree sad.

However, the essence of the deafening success of Mark Zakharov’s performance was not so much the plot twists and turns, the phenomenal duet of Nikolai Karachentsov and Elena Shanina and the large-circulation vinyl editions of the soundtrack, the songs of which the whole country eventually knew by heart, as the ultimate concentration of forbidden topics.

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In today’s version, where Dmitry Pevtsov shines in the main role, when the presence of an icon on the stage is not able to shock anyone, in many ways self-valuable melodic drawings, expression and even in places humor of Alexei Rybnikov’s music come to the fore. …

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