Can corrective palmistry change lives?

Every second person wants to change their destiny, to become wealthy, happy, successful and healthier. And when you cannot achieve what you want on your own, attempts to search for a solution from the outside begin.

I have been practicing palmistry for 12 years, of which 9 years have been practicing corrective palmistry. 75% of my clients change their lives for the better, directing the flow of energy in the direction in which they want to go further.

Correction of lines on the palms
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What does corrective palmistry include and what does it consist of?

Our lines on our hands are constantly changing, as our thoughts, desires and moods change. There are many receptors in the palm of your hand. The lines on them are the movement of energy, reflecting what is in our head. Likewise, the lines on the hands can be compared with the riverbed, when the riverbed has obstacles, the river has to bypass them, spending time and energy on it. Likewise the lines. Energy flows more slowly and with difficulty if there are gaps, islands, dots and other signs. When we draw lines, we give them strength, clearing the way. And then the energy along the lines can “move any mountains.”

In no case should you mindlessly draw lines on your hands yourself, first you need to contact a professional palmist, who will point out weak points and write a method for correcting the lines himself. An individual technique includes a description of the correction of each line, which contains defects. It can be a weak and thin line, or the line has gaps and negative signs.

The topics for correction can be different, but the course should contain only one topic. For example, if you have a shortage in material terms, then the correction will be aimed at the flow of money energy and the adjustment of the money triangle, if the topic is health, then the emphasis is on the life line and the head line, etc.

If we talk about the duration of the correction course, then this is again individual. In people with a soft hand, the line is formed in 2-3 corrections, and in people with a hard hand, it can form up to 2 years. But only the patient achieves the desired result.

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The stories of my clients who made a difference

For 9 years of practice, I have accumulated a certain statistical base, according to which I can say with confidence that the method is effective.

So in 2017, the girl turned to the problem of a difficult financial situation. I went to work like to hard labor, the salary was enough for the minimum needs. But there was a desire to learn, a desire to open a business.

Photo from the personal archive of Tatiana Churon

After analyzing the palm, it was clear that the lines tend to lead. The girl is creative and she just needed to radically change her life. Otherwise, she would have plunged into deep depression. After the second correction, she began to think differently. Yes, she did not quit her main job, but she found suitable manicure courses.

After the third correction, they called her and offered to try herself in the role of a manicure master. Less than a month later, the girl opened her salon. Now she is happy, has given birth to her second child and plans to expand her business.

Of course, we can assume that it would have coped without correction on its own, but nevertheless, the correction helped to speed up this process. The correction also helps in solving difficult problems, for example, a long-awaited pregnancy. In early 2020, a 35-year-old girl asked to see if she would have children. Doctors diagnosed her with infertility. But there were 2 thin lines on the hands, which means there was hope.

Photo from the personal archive of Tatiana Churon

After the first correction, the girl wrote a sad letter that she was admitted to the hospital with a miscarriage. But it was an indicator that the correction worked and the girl was not infertile. She continued to make corrections for 6 months. And in May 2021, she gave birth to a wonderful, healthy daughter.

Life is unpredictable. We cannot control the future. But we can trust our experience and instinct and make a decision based on the information that we have. We can focus on the real situation and live in the present. We can trust ourselves and decide which issues need to be resolved immediately, which can wait, and which do not require a solution at all. Finally, by trusting ourselves, we can figure out when to finish making plans and start acting. And here we can turn to correction in order to start improving our life in achieving the desired dream.

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