Ksenia Bezuglova – biography of a strong woman: accident and overcoming

Ksenia BezuglovaKsenia Yurievna Bezuglova is a fragile woman with a persistent unbending character, manager of a magazine with international status, a defender of the rights and freedoms of people with disabilities, a beauty queen, a happy wife and a mother of many children … And Ksenia is also a person who, due to injury, is forever confined to a wheelchair wheelchair.

She is one of the few who does not get tired of proving to the whole world that there is no life “before” and “after”, happiness is available to everyone, and how fate will turn out depends only on ourselves.

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Ksenia Bezuglova

The beginning of the story

Ksenia Bezuglova, being Kishina by birth, was born in 1983.

At first, her life was developing radiantly – interesting people, studies, favorite promising work and true love. As the girl herself says, her beloved and future husband made her an unforgettable marriage proposal, namely, he played a small performance, where the main role of the princess and the bride was played by Ksenia.

The continuation of this beautiful story was the wedding and expectation of a child. Ksenia admitted that once her husband vowed that he would carry her in his arms throughout his life. Unfortunately, these words turned out to be prophetic, because Alexey, the girl’s husband, really carries her in his arms, since Ksenia lost her ability to walk as a result of a terrible accident, which crossed out her grandiose plans with a bold line.

Ksenia Bezuglova: “I have one life, and I live it the way I want”

Accident: details

After the wedding, Ksenia and Alexey moved to Moscow, where the girl got an interesting and promising job at an international publishing house. In 2008, during their next vacation, the couple decided to go to their native Vladivostok. On his return, the car in which Ksenia was, skidded. Turning over several times, the car flew into a ditch.

The consequences of the accident were dire. The doctors who arrived at the scene ascertained that the girl had multiple fractures, and her spine was injured. Being in a state of shock, the girl did not immediately inform the specialists that she was in the third month of pregnancy, and therefore the victim was removed from the crumpled car in a standard way, which could lead to an even greater tragedy.

But it was the dream of becoming a mother that pushed Xenia to fight for her life and her own health. As she herself admitted, pregnancy became a support and support for her in difficult moments of pain and fear, a small life made her fight and overcome all obstacles.

However, the doctors’ predictions were not rosy – experts believed that severe injuries and the use of drugs could negatively affect the condition of the fetus, in connection with which Ksenia was offered to induce premature birth. However, the girl did not even allow the thought of it, and decided to give birth, no matter what.

Six months after the accident, a charming baby was born, who was named with the beautiful name Taisiya. The girl was born absolutely healthy – fortunately, the harsh forecasts of experts did not come true.

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Long Way to Happiness

The first months after the accident were especially difficult for Ksenia both mentally and physically. Severe injuries to her spine and arms left her completely helpless. She could not perform elementary actions – for example, eat, wash, go to the toilet. In these difficult days, the beloved husband became a faithful support and support for the girl.

As Xenia herself admitted, despite the fact that all her husband’s care was based solely on love and tenderness, she was very hurt by the fact that she herself is actually completely helpless. Gradually, step by step, guided by the advice of her colleagues in misfortune, who were also in rehabilitation after severe injuries, she re-learned all the skills.

Ksenia Bezuglova

Ksenia tells about the hardships of this period as follows:

“One of the most cherished desires at that moment for me was the opportunity to do at least something on my own, without the help of Lesha.

One of the aunts, with whom we went through rehabilitation, I asked how she goes to the shower. I have memorized all her recommendations to the smallest detail. When my husband was at work, I, following the advice of this woman, still went to the shower. It may have taken a long time, but I did it myself, without anyone’s help.

My husband, of course, cursed, because I could fall. But I was proud of myself. “

Xenia’s love for life and optimism is worth learning, because she does not consider herself one of the people limited by physical freedom.

The girl declares:

“I do not consider myself an invalid in the full sense of this word, I do not consider myself one of those who for many years remains within four walls, afraid to leave the house. My hands are working, my head is thinking, which means that I simply cannot consider that something out of the ordinary has happened to me.

There is something higher above the physical condition of each of us, optimism, faith in the future, a positive attitude. These are the criteria that make me move only forward. “

Ksenia Bezuglova

Ksenia loves life in all its manifestations, loves those around her, and sincerely believes that depression is the lot of those who care only about themselves.

“Observing people – says Ksenia, – I came to the conclusion that only those who love themselves too much can succumb to depression, to lock themselves in their limited world. Such a test is simply beyond their strength, because inside of them gnaws at those who remained healthy are gnawing at them. “

Of course, Xenia, too, was sometimes visited by far from optimistic thoughts, because she was deprived of the opportunity to perform the usual actions for everyone – for example, to drive a car, while remaining mobile, to cook food for the family. However, the girl gradually coped with all the difficulties and learned a lot, including how to drive a car specially equipped for people with disabilities.

Of course, the husband did not approve of such feats, but the perseverance and perseverance of Xenia did their job. And now, looking at Ksenia, it is difficult to say that she has any physical limitations.

Ksenia Bezuglova

I am the queen!

One of the first steps towards victory over herself for Xenia was participation in the beauty contest among wheelchair users, organized in Rome by Fabrizio Bartochioni. Also having physical limitations, the owner of Vertical AlaRoma perfectly understood that it is very important for girls in such a position to feel in demand and, most importantly, beautiful.

Before the start of the competition, the girl carefully concealed from her relatives the purpose of the trip to Rome, because she herself considered this act somewhat frivolous and extravagant. Moreover, she did not expect to win, perceiving participation in the competition as nothing more than another step towards proving to herself her desire for ordinary life.

However, everything turned out a little differently than Xenia had expected, and at the final stage of the competition, the strict jury named her the winner and beauty queen.

After participating in the competition, the girl admitted that the well-deserved victory helped her a lot in the future. Now she actively participates in the creation of beauty contests for girls with disabilities in Russia, leads social projects that also help people with disabilities feel the fullness of life.

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I know I live

Ksenia regularly exhausted herself with various rehabilitation procedures, doing this, first of all, in order to prove to herself that she is not worse than others. However, this brought tangible benefits to her. Having mastered new skills for herself, the girl is now completely independent and mobile. She can move around the city, having learned to drive a specialized car, perform daily household activities.

Ksenia Bezuglova

In August 2015, Ksenia became a mother for the second time. A girl was born, who was named Alexandra. And in October 2017, the family became large – the third child, the boy Nikita, was born.

Ksenia Bezuglova

Ksenia believes that any obstacles that come along the way are surmountable. Of course, she hopes that sooner or later she will be able to walk again – nevertheless, she does not make this a goal in life. The girl’s opinion is that physical limitations do not affect the quality of life, they are not an obstacle to live life to the fullest, to breathe every minute.

The optimism and love of life of Ksyusha – a small and fragile, but incredibly strong woman – can only be envied.

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