Causes of constipation during pregnancy – why constipation is dangerous for pregnant women

Treatment of constipation in a pregnant womanUnfortunately, such a nuisance is quite common among pregnant women. True, not everyone admits this – they are shy. It should be noted that there can be no reasons for embarrassment when it comes to the health of the mother and baby. And any problem can be solved if it is not “run”.

So, what are the causes of constipation in expectant mothers, and what should be done to avoid this problem?

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The main causes of constipation in pregnant women are constipation symptoms

What constitutes constipation – everyone knows.

The main symptoms include:

  1. Stool frequency – less than 3 times / week.
  2. Dense consistency of feces (“stones”).
  3. Feeling of incomplete bowel movement.
  4. The need to push when defecating.
  5. Pain / discomfort – usually in the left side of the abdomen.
  6. Soreness in bowel movements.
  7. Flatulence, a feeling of pressure in the abdomen.
  8. Lethargy and fatigue, lack of sleep.

Other symptoms may be added to these symptoms:

  1. Releasing pain in the anus, in the lower back or in the leg.
  2. Nausea and bitterness in the mouth.
  3. Burning / itching in the anal area.

Where does constipation come from? What are the reasons?

We find out!

As a rule, constipation in the expectant mother manifests itself in the period from the 17th to the 36th week. And besides the main reasons, there are many accompanying ones.

Let’s list the most “popular” ones:

  • The pressure of the enlarged uterus on the mother’s intestines and the displacement of its loops.
  • Stimulation of peristalsis due to an increase in the concentration of progesterone.
  • Decrease in the concentration of motilin (approx. – a hormone that is produced in the small intestine).
  • Decreased receptivity of the intestinal muscles.
  • Psychological factor: fear, stress, emotional instability.
  • Lack of moisture. As you know, during pregnancy, due to a slowdown in the movement of intestinal contents, the amount of absorbed moisture increases. And the result of moisture deficiency is a rare stool in the form of hard “stones” -fragments.
  • The presence of adhesions in the intestine.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Deficiency of fiber in the diet.
  • The habit of “enduring”. It is usually observed in women working in trade and in other professions, where it is not possible to “jump out to the toilet” in the middle of the working day.
  • The use of flour products and milk in large quantities.

Why are constipation dangerous during pregnancy and can you push?

At first glance, constipation is okay. Well, I suffered for a couple of days, well, I drank a laxative – all the same it passed!

In fact, constipation, if it becomes a permanent occurrence, can become dangerous for the expectant mother. The main thing is to pay attention to the problem in time and treat constipation during pregnancy only under the supervision of a doctor!

Possible complications:

  1. The appearance of colpitis.
  2. The threat of termination of pregnancy.
  3. Changes in the microflora of the genital tract.
  4. Infectious complications of pregnancy.
  5. The appearance of anal fissures or hemorrhoids.
  6. Low birth weight or premature birth.
  7. Premature rupture of amniotic fluid.

Why shouldn’t you push when you have a bowel movement?

If there is a threat of premature birth (or a threat of another nature), such actions can inadvertently start the process of childbirth.

Of course, the emptying of the intestines in the expectant mother should be soft and without straining. Therefore, the best way to get rid of constipation is to avoid it.

Prevention of constipation during pregnancy

Rules for the prevention of constipation during pregnancy – for every expectant mother!

You can avoid constipation! Even for long periods.

What is needed for this?

  • Diet, diet and diet again! Strictly according to the list of permitted products and categorically excluding everything harmful. Proper nutrition is more than half of the success.
  • In the morning – a glass of water. Only at room temperature (the cold one simply “flows” by, and the warm one is absorbed in the intestines, which is what we need).
  • Every day – vegetables and fruits, compote.
  • Salad dressing – only vegetable oil.
  • We do not tolerate! If you feel that you are “pressing on the valve” – ​​look for a toilet, even if you are out for a walk (you can go to a cafe, for example – toilets are everywhere today).
  • We follow the daily routine. We try not to deviate from it. The intestines cannot work like a clock, when you get up, lie down and eat when you want.
  • We do not lie on the couch all day. You need at least some kind of physical activity. For example, walking.
  • Don’t get carried away with laxatives. 1-3 times the drug will help, and after that the organism will become addicted, and the intestines will simply refuse to work on their own. That is, constipation will become even stronger and longer. Focus on nutrition and you won’t need a laxative. Eat foods that quickly reach their “destination” – light and simple.
  • Go swimming. There are no contraindications for the pool, and the benefits are significant in every sense.

And – worry less! It is from stress that all our female “troubles”.

The website warns: self-medication can harm your health! Use all the presented tips only after examination and on the recommendation of a doctor!

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