How to attract a gentleman into your life: tips from Maria Boucher

The standard of grace and elegance, a charming woman, a wonderful wife and mother – Maria Boucher has been kindling girls for many years to change their lives for the better. Boucher is the director and teacher of the Austrian Higher School of Etiquette, the Ambassador of the Federation for World Peace at the UN, an international expert.

Maria Boucher
Maria Boucher – article author
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How not to alienate a real gentleman from yourself? I understand that many readers will now classify this question as strange. After all, in order to push him away, you first need to meet him, you say. But I must note that even those lucky women who manage to meet him on their path in life do not always have enough skills and wisdom not to scare away this rare type of man. Therefore, I propose to remember or write down these rules in case the same one meets you on the path of love.

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3 commandments to embark on the path of femininity and elegance

My dear girls, please recite, like a mantra, the three commandments that I will write below. They will certainly attract a worthy man into your life, if you so desire. But this is not the main thing. And the main thing is that it will help you to love yourself and embark on the path of feminine development and elegance.

  • Love yourself and decorate

You must love yourself enough to dress yourself up every day. Put on pretty dresses, put on exquisite makeup, do your hair! Because you deserve it! You deserve to be the most beautiful in the world for yourself.

  • Eating a meal as if you were Queen Elizabeth
Maria Boucher 2
Maria Boucher with her daughters
Photo @mariiboucher

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You must love yourself enough to serve yourself breakfast every day. Eat the most delicious healthy food while sitting at the table with the most beautiful view you have ever dreamed of!

  • Choose a relationship with a real gentleman

You must love yourself so much that from now on you will decide to build a relationship only with the best man who will carry you in his arms. Bringing you coffee to bed, giving you flowers for no reason, opening car doors, helping around the house and doing a lot of other things. Because you deserve it!

Maria Boucher with her family
Maria Boucher with her family
Photo @mariiboucher

How not to scare a gentleman away

Remember that elegance is not about etiquette! Elegance is self-love. After all, when a woman becomes elegant, she, first of all, falls in love with herself. And, of course, the best and most gallant men begin to pay attention to her. But how not to scare them away if you have just recently embarked on the path of elegance?

1. Do not exaggerate his courtship

Many ladies, especially those who are not spoiled by male attention, when meeting a true gentleman, perceive his politeness and care as bright courtship. And the worst thing they start to do is flirt in response to his gallantry.

2. Take his care correctly

You don’t need to turn on “mommy” and “caring wife” if the man just opened the door for you or brought bags to the entrance. This does not mean that in return you have to cook borscht and give birth to three children. A gallant man expects only your smile or a slight flirtation in response to his actions with a hint that, perhaps, he will be lucky in this life … I remind you that we are talking only about a gallant man!

3. Turn off unnecessary independence

Favorite phrase by many “I myself”! I ask you to forget these words forever. I know that you can do everything yourself. But let the man be next to you a real gentleman and, if he wants to open the car door for you, accept this gesture with pleasure.

4. Remember how to respond to compliments

If a man compliments you, for example, “How beautiful you are today!”, do not deny and say: “No, what are you …”. Such a reaction certainly does not paint a lady. Nor is it worth saying: “I know!”, because many men are embarrassed and scared away by this phrase. It will be enough to accept the compliment with confident gratitude and a kind smile.

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