Choose a guardian angel and receive a message from him

Every person on Earth has their own Guardian Angel. You are no exception. COLADY invites you to contact your Guardian Angel to receive an important message from him. Ready?

Then take a look at our illustration, choose the image that interests you the most and see the result.

Spiritual Test: Receive a Personal Message from Your Guardian Angel
Bologny illustration by Olga Nazarova
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Spiritual Test: Receive a Personal Message from Your Guardian Angel

Angel #1

If you chose the first option, then you subconsciously understand that you need to change. Your life has become monotonous and boring. Because of this, you often find yourself in a bad mood.

To be happier, you need to call for change. Start expanding your horizons:

  • go in for sports;
  • start reading a book that you have been putting off for a long time;
  • chat with interesting people;
  • go on a trip;
  • buy yourself something that you have wanted for a long time.

You deserve the opportunity to be pampered! Give yourself the attention you deserve. At least for a few days forget about the problems of others. Get on with YOUR life.

Angel #2

The second image will be chosen by people who need psychological comfort. You are too tired. You may be wasting a lot of energy at work or interacting with toxic people.

To become a happier and more fulfilled person, take time for yourself and rest. Take a day off from work, be alone with yourself, with your thoughts, meditate if you need to clear your mind. Restore your strength! You will need them in the future.

You don’t feel safe right now. Most likely, we are talking about psychological, not physical security. In any case, you will have to take steps to improve the quality of your life.

Angel #3

“The trumpet is calling!” is the motto of the third angel. If your choice fell on him, then the subconscious mind is trying to tell you that the time has come for a change. You have accumulated enough energy to maneuver!

It’s time to do what you have long wanted. Options:

  • Talk to your boss about a pay raise
  • change the field of activity;
  • start learning a new craft, etc.

But that’s not all. You should also pay attention to the people around you. Take a look at them, maybe someone needs your help. You can help this person. It will be right, because in the future it can help you.

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