choose an angel and receive a message for your soul

An angel is a messenger, and his messages always serve you for your good, as they guide you towards your dreams, goals, a state of happiness, joy and peace.

Our guardian angels are selfless and benevolent counselors, so treat them as teachers and mentors. As the new year approaches, the angels want us to understand ourselves better and change for the better. They assure us that there is a very positive side to everything that happens, and that we ourselves are capable of a lot. Their messages give us an idea of ​​what each of us can do to improve not only our lives, but also the world around us.

Look at the picture and choose only one angel that attracts you the most. He has a personal message for you, and you need it right now.

Test: choose an angel and receive the message that your soul needs right now
Colady illustration by Lara Lauren
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Test: choose an angel and receive the message that your soul needs right now

1. Trust your intuition

If everyone learned to trust their own inner voice, there would no doubt be more harmony and order in the world and less pain, frustration and stress. Think about it, because your higher self and the universe communicate with you through your intuition. When you ignore it, you are neglecting the Higher powers and their advice.

Your intuition is a compass, not directives from above. Learn to listen to it without thinking too much or analyzing why you feel this way. If you are in doubt about your feelings, ask the Guardian Angel for an additional hint or sign.

2. Learn to love and value yourself

Self-love is the foundation of your life. When you truly, unconditionally and unconditionally love, forgive, and accept yourself, you can share and transmit that energy to those around you. And that kind of energy serves to create healthier relationships with people.

All love comes from within (as well as hatred). Self-dislike, even in minimal forms, sends negative energy into the world and attracts similar energy to you. And, accordingly, self-love fills the world with positive energy, strengthens and attracts all the same.

3. Do what brings you genuine joy.

Joy is a very high and powerful vibrational energy associated with love. When you do something for yourself to enjoy, you give this energy to others, inspire and motivate them. The mission of each person is to bring improvements and happiness to the planet, therefore you should only do what fills your soul with light.

When you spend your days stressed, depressed, or discouraged, this energy affects everyone around you and destroys not only you, but them as well. People will bypass you and try to keep all contacts with you to a minimum, or even stop them altogether.

4. Don’t compare yourself to others.

When we compare ourselves or our lives to others, we lower our own vibrations. In most cases, such comparisons make you feel worse, weaker, and unworthy. And this is a path of self-destruction that robs you of growth and progress.

The only path you have to focus on is your path, as the only person you can change is yourself. Be inspired by the example of successful people and believe in your potential. Feelings of envy and derogatory self-criticism are clear signs of destructive energy.

5. Find Inner Peace

The calmer, more balanced, and more benevolent you are, the better the world around you, as you fill it with your positive energy. Don’t give in to negativity, banish bad emotions and thoughts, and only think about good results.

If it’s not easy to do, try meditation, exercise, creative expression, proper nutrition, and even the use of healing natural stones are all tools to bring balance and peaceful energy into your life, which will definitely bring you positive changes.

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