Choosing evening makeup for a brunette – an accent on the eyes!

Evening makeup for brunettesEvening is exactly the time when a woman is able to feel 100% free. This is a time for dating, relaxation, parties and cultural entertainment. It is in the evening that a girl wants to look beautiful and attract the attention of others, which can be helped by properly selected makeup.

The process of applying makeup for brunettes is a kind of ritual on which the whole evening depends.

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Basic rules for evening makeup for brunettes

Electric lighting prevails in the evening, so evening make-up gives freedom dark shades

It is mother-of-pearl, bright shades of lipstick and dark shadows that create an unforgettable evening look.

So what are the makeup rules for sultry women with dark hair?

  • Don’t overdo it! If you want to create spectacular makeup, then it is best to choose what you will focus on. You can’t emphasize your lips with red lipstick at the same time, and make smokey ice on your eyelids – it will look tasteless and even vulgar.
  • Less shine! You shouldn’t use lip gloss, highlighter and pearlescent eyeshadow in one look.
  • Tone cream. Choose it to match your hair color. If you have a darker and more saturated shade, then you should choose a lighter tone “tonal”. If you are the owner of brown hair, then you can use a peach tone foundation, or even a foundation with a tan effect.
  • Contouring. If you are not the owner of pronounced cheekbones, then the effect of “sunken cheeks” can be achieved with the help of a bronzer.
  • Blush. Brunettes shouldn’t use pink blush tones. It is best if these are coral shades.
  • Mascara. For brunettes, black mascara is the best option, however, other shades have a chance to use if they fit harmoniously into the image.

Evening makeup for brunettes

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Evening makeup options for brunettes with brown or black eyes

So, we figured out the basic rules for makeup for brunettes, however, for each girl, you should select the makeup individually, depending on the color of the eyes.

What kind of evening makeup should you choose for the owners of dark eyes?

  • Tone cream. For brown-eyed and black-eyed brunettes, it should be of a tobacco shade or a shade of light ocher.
  • Powder. It must be in tune with the foundation, so as not to create the feeling of a mask.
  • Blush. Only coral or soft peach!
  • Shadows… Shadows on the eyes can be applied even in several layers, this will not negatively affect your evening make-up, however, when using shimmer shadows, it is better to limit yourself to one layer.
  • Arrows. Better if they are made in the style of the 60s. In this case, shadows of classic light shades should be applied to the movable eyelid, and false eyelashes can be safely used.
  • Pomade… The most advantageous option for a dark-eyed brunette will be cold red shades – they will emphasize your mystery and attract the attention of others. If you decide to apply dark shadows on the eyelids, then you should use delicate beige shades of nude lipstick.

Evening makeup for brunettes

Evening makeup for brunettes with brown or black eyes

Evening makeup for dark-eyed brunettes

Evening makeup for brunettes with brown or black eyes

What makeup to choose for a brunette with green eyes?

Green-eyed brunettes should be very sensitive to the process of applying makeup, since it is very difficult to choose the right eye shadow for such an eye color – there is a risk of splashing absurdities into the image.

The main thing in makeup for green-eyed – maximum naturalness and lightness

  • Tone cream. Green-eyed girls should choose light tones of foundation, and even better, stay on cream powder.
  • Powder. We choose a light one in order to focus the attention of others on our eyes.
  • Cheekbones are not customary to highlightso you can just stick to peach blush.
  • Shadows… Green-eyed girls are best suited for warm and earthy shades. You can also use green or brown eyeliner – this will only emphasize the unusual color of the eyes. If you want to make smokey ice, then choose brown or pale green shades.
  • Pomade. Natural shades are recommended that will not attract much attention.

Evening makeup for brunettes

Evening makeup for brunettes with green eyes

Evening makeup for green-eyed brunettes

Evening makeup for brunettes with green eyes

Basic makeup colors for brunettes with blue or gray eyes

Girls with dark hair and blue or gray eyes are very rare, but there are many makeup options for such a combination in appearance.

  • Tone cream. “Foundation” should be in tone with the skin, otherwise the image may be a little unnatural and overloaded.
  • Powder. We choose to match the skin or a few tones lighter.
  • Pomade. If you are lucky enough to have blue or gray eyes, then you can choose bold shades – plum, red, and hot pink.
  • Shadows. When choosing colors, you can pay attention to brown, golden and light green shades.
  • Mascara. Mascara should be black if you have darker hair and brown if it is closer to auburn shade.

Evening makeup for brunettes

Evening makeup for brunettes with blue or gray eyes

Evening makeup for blue-eyed brunettes

Evening makeup for brunettes with blue or gray eyes

Evening makeup for blue-eyed brunettes

Evening makeup for brunettes with gray and blue eyes

We will be very pleased if you share your experience or the results of your favorite beauty recipes!

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