The meaning of the name Margarita (Margo, Margosha, Rita, Ritochka)

Margarita or Rita is an old mystical name. Did you know that it endows its bearer with a certain set of qualities? This is indeed the case. In the first minutes of birth, the human soul is as open as possible to the influence of the Universe. Any little thing can affect its energy field, and a gripe is one of the strongest parameters for the formation of a person’s character and line of fate. What will become the woman named Rita? Let’s find out.

Margarita name meaning

The meaning and origin of the name

This gripe has a Greek origin. It is an epithet for Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of beauty and love. Hence – the possession of women-Margaritas mysterious feminine energy. They are easy-going, gentle, affectionate and caring. They prefer to patronize rather than obey.

This name is translated from Greek as “pearl”. Its sound is beautiful and inviting. Esotericists believe that the carriers of this gripe have an unusual and very strong character.

In Russia, a few decades ago, girls were often called “Rits”, but today this name has somewhat lost its popularity. Nevertheless, it ranks 20th in the ranking of common female complaints.

Popular diminutive forms of the name in question, used in the colloquial genre: Margo, Margosha, Ritochka. In Western countries, it has a slightly different form – Margaret.


It is impossible to say unequivocally what character Margarita will have. Its formation, in addition to criticism, is influenced by a number of other factors (year and number of birth, zodiac sign, genetics, etc.). Nevertheless, esotericists and numerologists agree that all women named so from birth are united by a very strong energy.

The meaning of the name Margarita for a girl

Important! The carrier of this gripe may not notice how much she affects the mood and well-being of others. If she is in a good mood, other people nearby will feel a surge of energy.

From early childhood, the girl Rita has been striving for independence. It is difficult for her to learn obedience, since few of the people around her enjoy her trust. She never seeks to hide her true feelings, as she is honest and open by nature. She is characterized by straightforwardness.

At school, she is one of the most energetic children. She never misses noisy collective events, loves to go to cheerful birthday parties of her friends, and she herself is not averse to arranging a gala reception for them. He rarely spends time alone. However, growing up, he somewhat changes his outlook on life.

With age, the bearer of this name begins to value more comfort and the opportunity to be alone with her thoughts. If earlier, for example, the thought of lying on the beach with a book for an hour or two seemed unbearably boring to her, then at the age of 25 – on the contrary, very attractive.

Among other advantages of Margarita are honesty and openness. No, she will not turn her soul inside out in front of the first comer, but if he shows curiosity, she will not hide interesting details of his life from him. Yes, such a lady is very fond of talking.

Margarita name meaning character

She does not hesitate to tell people in the eyes what she really thinks of them. Because of this, he often makes enemies for himself. Others may think of Rita in a negative way, believe that she lacks tact. In any case, being frank, she does not gloat, but strives to be honest with the people around her and herself.

With people vain, too self-confident, the bearer of this name often conflicts. She is sympathetic to kind, open people, the same as herself. But the hypocrites, aggressors and rude people openly irritate her.

Among other advantages of such a woman is the desire for justice. She can hardly forgive people for the lack of the same quality. When someone does not live according to their conscience, they are very upset.

Margot also has disadvantages, including:

  • Indecision.
  • Timidity.
  • Shyness.
  • Irritability.
  • Pronounced dominance.

Marriage and family

The bearer of this name is a rather amorous nature. Since her school years, she has become accustomed to conquering the hearts of the opposite sex with her incredible charm. But, her problem lies in the excessively overestimated requirements for a partner. Because of this, she does not always get married in her youth, like most of her peers.

Margarita name meaning career

In men, Margarita appreciates:

  • Self-esteem.
  • Openness, frankness.
  • Insight.
  • Good humor.
  • Goodwill.
  • Striving for self-improvement.

She will probably marry more than once, as she is picky by nature. Probably, she will be very disappointed in her first chosen one, but the second will seem to her more worthy. She is a good wife: caring, economic, loving, however, very jealous. Rita’s spouse is often offended and out of her comfort zone due to her overprotectiveness.

The bearer of this name is strongly attached to children, especially to her firstborn. He seeks to control them in any situation, as he is worried about their safety. Growing up, they feel like they are in a cage, so they strive to start living on their own as early as possible.

Advice! Margarita, children should be given more freedom. Don’t worry about life giving them a head start without your care. Understand that this will happen in any case, with or without your influence.

Margarita name meaning family

Work and career

Margot usually chooses a profession that involves regular communication. No, she does not seek to do charity work, she is interested in communication as a process.

Therefore, the bearer of this name often chooses a profession:

  • Teachers.
  • Psychologist.
  • Operator.
  • Administrator, etc.

Routine, uninteresting activities do not suit her. She strives to bring initiative and creativity into her work, therefore she has a high chance of moving up the career ladder.

Margarita is a talented leader. In her field of activity, she is irreplaceable. Knows exactly how to build a work plan and lead his team to success. Has an iron grip.

Falls into stress if family affairs interfere with her career growth. Often neglects the interests of individual household members for the financial well-being of the whole family. They say about such – “a typical businesswoman.”

Margarita name meaning career


Specific diseases in the carrier of this gripe arise only if she leads a sedentary lifestyle.

However, it is susceptible to certain diseases due to its strong energy:

  • Osteochondrosis or other diseases of the spine… Usually appears on Margot born in the fall. Prevention – regular warm-up of the spine. At the first signs of illness, you should undergo a course of therapeutic massage.
  • Neuralgia… It occurs due to many reasons, the main of which is a sedentary lifestyle. Prevention – periodic sports loads.
  • Migraine… The head in women with an emotive psychological type, to which Margarita belongs, hurts due to emotional overstrain. Prevention – systematic rest, good sleep.

Do you recognize yourself by our description, Margarita? Please share your answers in the comments!

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